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‘Fake news stories’ eclipse ‘conspiracy theories’ in globalist/Sorosite lexicon

By Wayne Madsen Source: Intrepid Report The corporate news media, allied with “media watchdog” groups, many financed with global billionaire troublemaker George Soros, have trotted out a new dog whistle to attack their opponents: “fake news stories.” The issue of … Continue reading

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Commodifying Dissent: Media, the Arts and the Hope in Cooperatives

By Yoav Litvin Source: CounterPunch In the latest onslaught of apocalyptic news updates: The European Union is in crisis after the BREXIT vote, endless wars continue to ravage Africa and the Middle East causing millions of refugees to flee for … Continue reading

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TV is Dying, and Why That’s a Good Thing

Though television viewership has been in the decline for the past few years, latest statistics compiled in a recent piece by Jim Edwards for Business Insider indicate the trend is accelerating. The article explains how a number of factors including … Continue reading

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