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The Death of Andre Vltchek, A Passionate Warrior for Truth

By Edward Curtin Source: Behind the Curtin “If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn’t we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?” – Eduardo Galeano, Upside Down, 1998 For decades, Andre … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Game of Death

Conversation With Alan Canvan A New Angle on Bruce Lee’s Game of Death By James Curcio Source: Modern Mythology Inthe time since his death, Bruce Lee’s legend has grown astronomically, adding his name to the pantheon of 60s and 70s … Continue reading

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One real but ‘polemic’ way to defeat COVID-19

By Andre Vltchek (1962-9/22/2020) Source: New Eastern Outlook COVID-19 is not just a disease; it is also a state of mind, a psychosis, a fear. It is an event that, all over the world, unleashed irrational behaviour by the governments, … Continue reading

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By Phillip Schneider Source: Waking Times Rebels are a very important part of society, but they rarely get the recognition they deserve. They help us break through old norms and keep us from falling into groupthink. However, human nature urges most of … Continue reading

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The semi-satisfied life

Renowned for his pessimism, Arthur Schopenhauer was nonetheless a conoisseur of very distinctive kinds of happiness By David Bather Woods Source: aeon On 13 December 1807, in fashionable Weimar, Johanna Schopenhauer picked up her pen and wrote to her 19-year-old … Continue reading

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Dystopia Isn’t Sci-Fi—for Me, It’s the American Reality

By Cadwell Turnbull Source: Wired Imagine a city where a group of people have managed against all odds to carve out prosperity for themselves, at least for a little while. These people used to be owned by other people. Now, … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Orson Welles Short Double Feature

Orson Welles Narrates Animations of Plato’s Cave and Kafka’s “Before the Law,” Two Parables of the Human Condition By Colin Marshall Source: Open Culture You’re held captive in an enclosed space, only able faintly to perceive the outside world. Or … Continue reading

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The Political Value of Psychedelics

By Dr. James Cooke Source: Reality Sandwich Psychedelics and Politics Psychedelics are political.  Their use in the 1960s had a political impact that is still being felt today, and their widespread banning was driven by political motives.  But how can … Continue reading

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