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Three Paths

By Erik Lindberg Source: Resilience To have lost the godlike conceit that we may do what we will, and not to have acquired a homely zest for doing what we can, shows a grandeur of temper which cannot be objected … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Is a Hero Only The Military-Industrial Complex Could Create

By Jonathan Cooke Source: TruePublica For a while I have been pondering whether to write a review of the newly released Wonder Woman, to peel back the layers of comic-book fun to reveal below the film’s disturbing and not-so-covert political … Continue reading

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Why War? Building on the legacy of Einstein, Freud and Gandhi

By Robert J. Burrowes In 1932, Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein conducted a correspondence subsequently published under the title ‘Why War?’ See ‘Why War: Einstein and Freud’s Little-Known Correspondence on Violence, Peace, and Human Nature’. In many ways, this dialogue … Continue reading

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Putin, Xi Message To Trump: US Unipolar World Is Over

By Finian Cunningham Source: Information Clearing House The US’ strategy has been to isolate Russia internationally. Evidently, it is Washington that is becoming more isolated on the global stage. This week in the run-up to the G20 summit in Germany, … Continue reading

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By Julian Rose Source: Waking Times It is essential to constantly remind ourselves, that war, apart from a very few exceptions, is a symptom of madness. Yet war is a disease which is largely taken for granted; considered ‘normal’ and unless … Continue reading

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It Is Bettter to Light One Candle than to Curse the Darkness

By Harvey Lothian Source: Dissident Voice The world is in bad shape. Every reasonably intelligent, aware, objective person in the world knows, if only intuitively, that something is very, very wrong. There should not be this many armed conflicts, this much … Continue reading

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The Choice: Traitor to Empire, or Traitor to Mankind

By John Rohn Hall Source: Dissident Voice I envy you. You North Americans are very lucky. You are fighting the most important fight of all. You live in the belly of the beast. — Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara A birth … Continue reading

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The Unifying Force of War Abolition

By David Swanson Source: Let’s Try Democracy Remarks at United National Antiwar Coalition in Richmond, Virginia, on June 18, 2017. It’s not unusual for an activist, focused on one of the millions of worthy causes out there, to try to … Continue reading

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