The Corporate Media’s Gulag of the Mind


By Charles Hugh Smith

Source: Of Two Minds

Your crime, as it were, need not be substantiated with evidence; the mere fact you publicly revealed your anti-Establishment thought convicted you.

One of the most remarkable ironies of The Washington Post’s recent evidence-free fabrication of purported “Russian propaganda” websites (including this site) is how closely it mimics the worst excesses of the USSR’s Stalinist era.

Those unfamiliar with the Stalinist era’s excesses will benefit from reading Solzhenitsyn’s three-volume masterpiece The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956, The Gulag Archipelago 2 and Gulag Archipelago 3.

One episode is especially relevant to the totalitarian tactics of The Washington Post’s evidence-free accusation. Solzhenitsyn tells the story of one poor fellow who made the mistake of recounting a dream he’d had the previous night to his co-workers.

In his dream, Stalin had come to some harm. In Solzhenitsyn’s account, the fellow was remorseful about the dream.

Alas, mere remorse couldn’t possibly save him. He was promptly arrested for “anti-Soviet thoughts” and given a tenner in the Gulag–a tenner being a ten-year sentence in a Siberian labor camp.

The Washington Post’s accusation is based on a “behavioral analysis”–in other words, publicly sharing “anti-Soviet thoughts”–in our era, the equivalent is sharing anti-Establishment thoughts.

Your crime, as it were, need not be substantiated with evidence; the mere fact you publicly revealed your anti-Establishment thought convicted you.

This is the Corporate Media’s Gulag of the Mind. We’ll tell you what’s “true” and what is correct to think and believe. Any deviation from the party line is a threat and must be discredited, marginalized or suppressed.

Where is the Post’s hard evidence of Russian ties or Russian influence? There isn’t any–but like Stalin’s henchmen, the Post has no need for evidence: merely going public with an anti-Establishment thought “proves” one’s guilt in the kangaroo court of America’s corporate media (a.k.a. mainstream media or MSM).

While The Washington Post is owned by billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the vast majority of what we read, watch and hear is controlled by a handful of corporations loaded with cash and connections to the ruling elite.


This concentration of media control creates the illusion of choice— the same elite-propaganda spin is everywhere you look; our “choice” of “approved” (i.e. corporate) media is roughly the same as that offered the Soviet citizenry in the old USSR.

This is why the billionaire/corporate media is so desperate to discredit the non-corporate media: if an alternative to the corporate media’s elite-propaganda catches on, the corporate media will lose its audience, its advert revenues and a substantial measure of its influence.

The cornered elite-propaganda beast is lashing out, undermining its waning credibility with every attack on an independent free press. As I noted in a recent conversation with Max Keiser, democracy requires the citizenry to sort out who benefits from whatever narrative is being pushed.

That’s what terrifies the elite-propaganda mainstream media: the status quo narrative they’ve spewed for years doesn’t benefit the bottom 95%– rather, it actively impoverishes and disempowers the bottom 95%–and the citizenry is slowly awakening to this reality.

So for goodness sakes, if you have an anti-elitist dream, keep it to yourself or you’ll end up on the ruling elite’s “enemies list.”

The final irony in all this: the real enemy of democracy and freedom of the press is The Washington Post and the rest of the billionaire/corporate media. The only way to escape the Corporate Media’s Gulag of the Mind is to stop watching their TV channels, turn off their radio stations and stop reading their print/digital propaganda–except of course if you have a taste for dark humor.


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3 Responses to The Corporate Media’s Gulag of the Mind

  1. Thank you for this nicely written piece. Controlling the narrative by owning all the monied voices and unifying the language is so well entrenched and finely worked that most of the efforts are now devoted to detail work like airbrushing coarser features and triggering damage-control routines. I define damage as viewers/listeners perceiving a crack in the intended reality. The final sentence in Animal Farm captures the intended circumstance:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    Even the distinction between corporate ownership and corporate sponsorship is now trivial. How convincing does the eye-candy taste? How engaging and entertaining are the ear worms. How well do our brands span the spectrum from handheld to big screen and back.
    Bezos, Murdock, Trump and all the ad nauseam corporate owners are now fluent in the operant language: EPluribusUnumese: the language of NewSpeak2016.

  2. astyages says:

    Reblogged this on An Atheist in Adelaide and commented:

    The NSA is watching YOU! So what? You gonna let it scare you? I say we make the length of their ‘watch’ list scare the shit out of THEM!

  3. astyages says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, mate… but you’re way too late with the warning! If what you say is true (and I know it is!) I’ve probably been on that list a long time.

    But instead of being scared, and evidently like yourself, I might observe, I can’t help but find myself trying my damnedest to make that list as long as possible, to frighten the shit out of the NWO, eh?

    They’re already getting nervous ’cause no-one believes their propaganda any more. Anyone care to join us? All you’d have to do is ‘like’ this comment… 😉

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