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Glen Ford: A Remarkable Revolutionary

By Danny Haiphong Source: Black Agenda Report Glen Ford was a revolutionary in all that he did. The year was 2011. I was full to the brim with anger toward the United States for the deleterious impact of racism on … Continue reading

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The Con of Diversity

By Chris Hedges Source: OpEdNews.com In 1970, when black students occupied the dean’s office at Harvard Divinity School to protest against the absence of African-American scholars on the school’s faculty, the white administration was forced to respond and interview black … Continue reading

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The Second Phase of the propaganda Fake News War: Economic Strangulation. What Comes Next?

Frustrated and outraged at how reality has turned out, the ruling class denizens of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential tent are lashing out at truth-tellers. “Fake news” is whatever contradicts their lies, and Russia is their all-purpose boogeyman. “Google and Facebook … Continue reading

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Freedom Rider: Black Agenda Report on the Honor Roll

The Democrats, through their PropOrNot web site and a compliant corporate media, have targeted BAR and other sites as purveyors of Russian propaganda and partly responsible for Hillary Clinton’s defeat. We’re proud to be on their hit list. Their ludicrous … Continue reading

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Why Ajamu Baraka? Why Vice President? And Why the Green Party?

What does the Green Party nomination of longtime Black Agenda Report contributing editor Ajamu Baraka for Vice President mean for the Green Party and the 2016 presidential election?  Is he just a black face on the ticket, or is it … Continue reading

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What is the Big Lesson of the UK ‘Brexit’ Vote for Americans? It Was Done With Paper Ballots

By Dave Lindorff Source: This Can’t Be Happening The decision by a majority of UK voters to reject membership in the European Union in Wednesday’s hotly-contested referendum has been a devastating defeat for the corporatist domination of the European political … Continue reading

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Privatized Ebola

By Margaret Kimberly Source: Black Agenda Report “The world of private dollars played a role in consigning thousands of people to death.” Sierra Leone has waved the white flag in the face of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Its meager infrastructure … Continue reading

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Always Low Wages, More Pollution: Why Barack & Michelle Obama Relentlessly Shill For Wal-Mart

Democrats in labor unions and figures like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and others were justly outraged at Barack Obama’s latest wet kiss to Wal-Mart earlier this month. But First Lady Michelle Obama has been in bed with the giant … Continue reading

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