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Dismantling A Society: How Empires Feed Off the Republic

By RS Anthion Source: CounterPunch “It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America.” -Nikki Haley (1) Nikki Haley released a ferocious rebuke of a UN report detailing poverty in the United States. As if she could … Continue reading

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Neo-Liberalism and the Retreat of Democracy

By David Schultz Source: CounterPunch Democracy across the world is under siege. This according to the latest Freedom House report documenting that for 2017, “democracy faced its most serous crisis in decades” as seventy-one countries experienced declines in freedom or … Continue reading

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The World Will Not Mourn the Decline of U.S. Hegemony

By Paul Street Source: Consortium News There are good reasons to bemoan the presence of the childish, racist, sexist and ecocidal, right-wing plutocrat Donald Trump in the White House. One complaint about Trump that should be held at arm’s-length by … Continue reading

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Why America’s Major News-Media Must Change Their Thinking

By Eric Zuesse Source: Strategic Culture Foundation America’s ‘news’-media possess the mentality that characterizes a dictatorship, not a democracy. This will be documented in the linked-to empirical data which will be subsequently discussed. But, first, here is what will be documented … Continue reading

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America’s Descent Into Despotism: Finding Our Source of Power Within

By Nozomi Hayase Source: The Indicter The United States is in a major upheaval. Trump’s cabinet shake-up moves the country into an alarming direction. From the nomination of torturer Gina Haspel as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency to … Continue reading

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America: The Country That Never Was!

By thnkfryrslf Source: Axis of Logic The ideal country. Democratic and Free. The greatest country in the world, because they’re exceptional. Saves citizens of other countries from tyrannical governments by slaying the tyrants and bringing democracy and staying to make … Continue reading

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Time To Make Life Hard For The Rich

By Hamilton Nolan Source: Splinter It is time for polite, respectable, rational people to start saying what has become painfully obvious: It is time to stop respecting the rich, and start stealing from them. In earnest. Inequality is eating America … Continue reading

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The Age of Ego

By Dan Corjescu Source: CounterPunch Hegel’s conception of history taught us that the meaning of history was the liberation of the individual through his or her recognition as a fully autonomous rational person. Indeed, since the French Revolution, the Age … Continue reading

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