Luther Blissett is a multi-use name, an “open reputation” informally adopted and shared by hundreds of artists and social activists all over Europe since Summer 1994. For reasons that remain unknown, the name was borrowed from a notable association football player who played for A.C. Milan, Watford F.C. and England in the 1980s. One version of the Luther Blissett Manifesto, an open-source document which partly explains the origins of the name, can be found here.

Desultory Heroics is a hybrid aggregator/personal blog providing news, commentary, think pieces and art worth sharing (usually with a political/dystopian edge). Content is selectively curated to supplement a balanced daily media diet. The title is a reference to ideas of Philip K. Dick, in particular the unique protagonists of his novels who struggle against “The Black Iron Prison”, an oppressive empire eternally superimposed over the world.

“This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people; they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance. Their deeds may be small, and almost always unnoticed, unmarked by history. Their names are not remembered, nor did these authentic humans expect their names to be remembered. I see their authenticity in an odd way: not in their willingness to perform great heroic deeds but in their quiet refusals. In essence, they cannot be compelled to be what they are not.

The power of spurious realities battering at us today—these deliberately manufactured fakes never penetrate to the heart of true human beings.”

PKDHow to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later (1978)

If you resonate with this site, please also check out and share resources on our Twitter feed and linked/liked/followed sites on the right column. Archiving any sources you trust for easy reference for yourself and others is also recommended. While we can’t all be journalists, we can each be aggregators far more valuable for oneself and one’s community than anything offered by corporate-sponsored, government-influenced editors and algorithms.

Send questions, comments, and content suggestions to lutherb@protonmail.com.

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  4. muunyayo says:

    This blog… I’ve stumbled upon pure gold…

  5. tubularsock says:

    Thanks for the follow. Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.” appreciates it.

  6. lilaiamoreliwordsaresacred says:

    Hello!!! Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it.

  7. Avril Meyler says:

    Your site validates and proves to me often how we are all one. I get ideas ruminating around then it pushes out into my blog after many months of silence. Then hey presto I find articles running along the same theme published by you. In what can sometimes appear a dry desert the waters of my imagination flows again. Thank you.

  8. Decker says:

    Very much enjoy the offerings on your site, and thank you for linking/highlighting one of the pieces from my website. Very much appreciated! Best to you. Decker

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  10. Hi

    I have nominated you for the Leibster Award, its voluntary but if you don’t want to participate you can find the details here


  11. Heather Awen says:

    In an age with information overload, I don’t follow many blogs. But this one brings together so many key issues in one place, even with Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivity stealing my time and my own activism needs, I am following. That’s the greatest compliment a chronically ill woman with her own huge activist and spiritual practices to do! Thank you, I really mean it. You’re a general newspaper for me.

  12. Philo says:

    I learn something new everyday: Luther Blissett (sp?) being a common pen name. I really like any movement that defends the use of language because it seems that our societies and leaders of those societies believe that changing a term equates with changing the proposition of the term. The term “organic” does not mean the same today as it might have 30 years ago. Keep up the good fight.

  13. Hi

    Thanks so much for finding my blog and following me

  14. F. Villalovs says:

    Kudos. Count me as a fan of your writing. Perceptive, critical, and well argued. I think we should collaborate at some point.

  15. SamaraMarie says:

    Greetings. Thank you so much for checking out my site and for following it. I appreciate it. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  16. jwlpeace says:

    I just have been perusing your wonderful website. Kindered Spirits! Keep up the good work to held educate, alert and inform the sleeping masses. Namaste, Jamie at Tabublog.com

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  18. truthman2012 says:

    I must say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Very insightful stuff. You are certainly on the money my friend. I only wish that all of us like minded folks in the world can unite in a way to bring about fundamental change in the world.

    • Thank you for your support and solidarity. I appreciate the work you’ve been doing at Dirty Babylon as well. It takes many minds to investigate, analyze and present the countless important stories going on in the world at any given time. As corporate news (and other institutions) continue to fail us, we need to do what we can to be a better informed global citizenry.

  19. Thank you for being a beacon of light and truth in a world that so desperately needs it. And thank you for supporting me as i try to be the same 🙂

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