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‘Violence Against Women: Why the UN Secretary-General Got it Wrong’

By Robert J. Burrowes In his remarks on the recent International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – see ‘Violence Against Women is Fundamentally About Power’ – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres inadvertantly demonstrated why well-meaning efforts being … Continue reading

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A New Concept of Consciousness

By Ervin Laszlo Source: Reality Sandwich The following is excerpted from The Intelligence of the Cosmos by Ervin Laszlo, published by Inner Traditions. What about mind? If the world is vibration, is also mind and consciousness a form of vibration? … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die: The Psychology of Rebellion & Dissent

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee Source: Waking Times “I rebel—therefore we exist.” ~Albert Camus, The Rebel Dissent is a tricky subject. The need to rebel against atrocity is deeply ingrained in the human condition. Even if most of us don’t act … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: In Shadow

New Animated Short Film “In Shadow” Is A Visionary Journey Behind The Veil Source: Activist Post Story artist for film and television, Lubomir Arsov, has just released his most recent creation titled In Shadow. It is a 13-minute animated short … Continue reading

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Something is wrong on the internet

By James Bridle Source: Medium As someone who grew up on the internet, I credit it as one of the most important influences on who I am today. I had a computer with internet access in my bedroom from the … Continue reading

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What Science Isn’t

The Cult of Lay-Positivism By Equanimous Rex Source: Modern Mythology Science. Does the word bring images of space ships and high-tech equipment doing miraculous things? Wonder drugs and new solutions to old problems? Good, because this article isn’t a declaration … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan’s Thoughts On The War on Drugs

Since today marks the birthday of the late Carl Sagan, we can remember a lesser-known aspect of his greatness by reading (or re-reading) the following 1969 essay he wrote under the pseudonym “Mr. X” published in 1971 in Lester Grinspoon’s … Continue reading

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Blade Runner And The Synthetic Panopticon

Truth Is Always An Open Question By James Curcio Source: Modern Mythology This Is Only A Model We are living in alternate realities. In one reality people see Trump’s incessant lying, and no one in power seeming to doing anything to stop … Continue reading

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