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US plotting coups in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua?

By Stephen Lendman Source: Intrepid Report The US wants all nations worldwide colonized, their resources looted, their people exploited as serfs, including ordinary Americans. Sovereign independent governments everywhere are targeted for regime change—by coups d’état or wars. That’s what imperialism … Continue reading

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The New Media World Order

By Thierry Meyssan Source: Voltairenet.org In only a few months, the content of the Western national and international medias has undergone profound change. We are witnessing the birth of an Entente about which we know almost nothing – neither the … Continue reading

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Courage and Free Speech

Throughout human history there have been individuals who have been ready to risk everything for their beliefs By Timothy Garton Ash Source: aeon ‘Nothing is more difficult,’ wrote the German political essayist Kurt Tucholsky in 1921, ‘and nothing requires more … Continue reading

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The enduring reality of government by wealth and some of its consequences

By John Chuckman Source: Intrepid Report If you really want to understand the world in which we live—its endless wars, coups, interventions, and brutality towards great masses of people—you need to start with a correct understanding of the political machinery … Continue reading

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