Joni Mitchell on Morgellons Disease

Morgellons fibers embedded in skin. PHOTO: PLOS ONE

Morgellons fibers embedded in skin. PHOTO: PLOS ONE

Influential singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell just turned 70 last Thursday. In a retrospective piece about her career published by U-T San Diego, this particular line caught my attention:

She no longer performs because she has a rare medical condition, Morgellons syndrome, and because decades of chain-smoking have ravaged her once-angelic voice.

It’s a huge tragedy that someone of her talent can no longer sing, but what was truly surprising to me was the revelation that she has Morgellons syndrome. It’s truly courageous for someone as well-known and widely respected as Mitchell to go public about it because people suffering from Morgellons have often been dismissed by the medical establishment as being “delusional”. The issue is clouded by the fact that reported physical symptoms of Morgellons syndrome are indeed similar to delusional parasitosis and in some cases it may also have neurological symptoms (though in most reported cases the symptoms include brain fog, fear, depression, decreased coordination and personality changes rather than delusions).

Joni Mitchell related her personal experience with Morgellons in this excerpt from a 2010 LA Times interview:

LAT: You’ve come out in the media as a sufferer of a controversial condition known as Morgellons. How is your health currently?

JM: I have this weird, incurable disease that seems like it’s from outer space, but my health’s the best it’s been in a while, Two nights ago, I went out for the first time since Dec. 23: I don’t look so bad under incandescent light, but I look scary under daylight. Garbo and Dietrich hid away just because people became so upset watching them age, but this is worse. Fibers in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin like mushrooms after a rainstorm: they cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable or mineral. Morgellons is a slow, unpredictable killer — a terrorist disease: it will blow up one of your organs, leaving you in bed for a year. But I have a tremendous will to live: I’ve been through another pandemic — I’m a polio survivor, so I know how conservative the medical body can be. In America, the Morgellons is always diagnosed as “delusion of parasites,” and they send you to a psychiatrist. I’m actually trying to get out of the music business to battle for Morgellons sufferers to receive the credibility that’s owed to them.

As disturbing as symptoms of Morgellons Syndrome are, just as frightening is the fact that we know so little about what it is, what causes it, hows it’s transmitted, and how to cure people who have it. However, in this article recently reposted at GlobalResearch, they uncovered the following information linking Morgellons to GMOs:

In the Sept. 15-21 issue of New Scientist magazine, Daniel Elkan describes a patient he calls “Steve Jackson,” who “for years” has “been finding tiny blue, red and black fibers growing in intensely itchy lesions on his skin.” He quotes Jackson as saying, “The fibers are like pliable plastic and can be several millimeters long. Under the skin, some are folded in a zigzag pattern. These can be as fine as spider silk, yet strong enough to distend the skin when you pull them, as if you were pulling on a hair.”

Doctors say that this type of disease could only be caused by a parasite, but anti-parasitic medications do not help. Psychologists insist that this is a new version of the well-known syndrome known as “delusional parasitosis.” While this is a “real” disease, it is not a physically-caused one.

But now there is physical evidence that Morgellons is NOT just psychological. When pharmacologist Randy Wymore offered to study some of these fibers if people sent them to him, he discovered that “fibers from different people looked remarkably similar to each other and yet seem to match no common environmental fibers.”

When they took them to a police forensic team, they said they were not from clothing, carpets or bedding. They have no idea what they are.

Researcher Ahmed Kilani says he was able to break down two fiber samples and extract their DNA. He found that they belonged to a fungus.

An even more provocative finding is that biochemist Vitaly Citovsky discovered that the fibers contain a substance called “Agrobacterium,” which, according to New Scientist, is “used commercially to produce genetically-modified plants.” Could GM plants be “causing a new human disease?”

To learn more about Morgellons Disease, visit the Charles E. Holman Foundation.

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31 Responses to Joni Mitchell on Morgellons Disease

  1. Carolyn says:

    I was almost killed by Morgellons. I think I have now developed antibodies towards most of the germs that activate the growth of the Morgellons fibers and little crystals within our skin. These fibers self-assemble within the body and replace the keratin fibers in your skin. If you don’t have that much collagen available, your body will use the elements from these fibers, because they are long-chain amino acids, ie., cloned/recombinant silk fibroins. Crystals are produced that are wrapped within those keratin fibers. It is a biological network that can be remotely accessed by electromagnetic frequencies that has genetically modified many of you. That is horrific, and sorry, but that is what I think. If one can survive it, then you will have some innate protection. Sadly, many have died from it. This is genetic warfare. Worldwide genetic, biological, chemical, economic (makes you sick or weak), weather, electronic, nuclear (strontium is in the spray), nano warfare. Sorry, but folks — if you want to remain free, you are going to have to do the research, wrap your minds around the issue, and get ANGRY.

    The more I detox the chemtrail fibers and heavy metals out of my body the less targeted I am by directed energy frequencies. I was unbelievably directed energy targeted. Getting rid of Morgellons and cleaning out my body has helped tremendously. That told me that one of the purposes of chemtrails is for genetic manipulation to put something in us that allows us to be more easily targeted by frequencies. An Air Force chaff was developed from recombinant spider silk. It states in the patent that it produces crystals “in vivo.” That means within the body. I think it was supposed to be environmentally safe, break down in the environment, and be harmless. It produces crystals only if there are certain bacteria available to make it happen. But, the Air Force funded it, and they have rights in the invention. Anything can be attached to those fibers: genes, chemicals, germs — look it up. Attach certain germs to the fibers, and they will self-assemble within the body (where there are keratins/collagens) and produce crystals. It is a network in your skin. I really do think this is the major part of the problem. Having crystals wrapped around the nerve fibers and keratins in the surface layer (there are nerves in the surfare layer) of your skin makes it easier to increase/amplify frequencies directed at a person.
    Carolyn Williams Palit
    email me if you want some tips.

    • Roxanne says:

      Don’t know about ur theory, may be correct. The way I lived come out the other side after about 10 yrs was to move to a new clean home twice. Shaved my hair to a burr for 6 months. Constantly wore new clothes or went naked at home, putting on plastic trash bags to answer the door when I was out of new clothes. Very importantly realized fibers were in my mattress after 4 yrs at new place. Moved and got new one. My wooden furniture and antiques have been in storage for 15 years. Oh, forgot I lived in a pay by month motel for almost a year. My home was full of black and light green mold and blowing Fiberglas with black mold on it thru AC ducts. Insurance wouldn’t pay. Lost home. I couldn’t step inside for the itching.
      I still have fibers imbedded deal in my skin where I couldn’t dig them out. Lucky my skin heals well. I did have various colors, but mostly black. I still occasionally get a welp on my skin. I think tiny remaining fibers attach to dust and cat fur, but I feel so grateful to be “cured”.

      • Pamela says:

        Buying new cloth don’t do nothing becouse Morgellons fibre I my self find in new cloth also and all cloth is came from chine and brand name cloth also is maybe in China.One day I put on my bed new white sheets and roll lint roll over and big surprise how many I find fibres just to you know

  2. Lara/Trace says:

    Reblogged this on Wise Up Rise Up and commented:

    He found that they belonged to a fungus.

  3. Will Wiegman says:

    Joni needs to fix her Thiocyanate Deficiency!

  4. robert11011 says:

    A theory & a most likely reason for morgellens is intentionally infused chemtrails , so called science.

  5. Eureka says:

    I just want to let you know I may have an answer my family and I have had all of the symptoms for the last two years and have tried all of this and more financially draining visits to the doctors and unanswered questions we’ve taken parasite medications like ordering albedenzole from Taiwan, herbs ,coconut oil,tea tree oil, colloidal silver, taking baths in windex, bleach, peroxide, vinegar, olive oil, pin worm medications, permitherin cream, ect ect I even went to the my dogs vet and showed him the black specks coming out of my skin after 6 different doctors and two hospital trips!!! We suffered lesions and fibers that look like lint and sleepiness nights, crawly itchy painful skin issues as we watched the black specks come out of our skin showing those doctors as well. I’ve been humilated by being diagnosed with neurodermititis, one doctor was so short tempered that accused me of wanting to play in my sons poop because I asked for a stool sample to be taken for bacteria and parasites, and insisted it wasn’t an allergy I cried in front of these doctors looking for answers and i finally found it with a kids microscope 300x 600x 1200x I bought off amazon. here are some more issues that have occurred or predated this nightmare, I had almost given up hope and resigned to the idea we had morgellons disease as well. So here begins our journey with the monster I believe is afflicting ALL of us and not one doctor or vet could give me this answer. I’m not saying morgellons is not real just I really think this is the answer and is afflicting everybody! After suffering years of unexplained exhaustion, allergies to food and enviroment that I never had before, hives, black specks, lint like fibers, painful skin lesions opening for no reason itchy crawly scalp and skin, upset stomach diharea constipation hypoglycemia unexplained weight gain my I be had three teeth just break in half and crumble, headaches muscle and joint pain anxiEty ,OCD, depression sleepness nights my husbands high cholesterol,anger and rage, complete personality change of the person he’s is ,insomnia and stomach issues extreme weight loss in total fear for his life because nobody could explain what was happening his lesions were worse and would take weeks to heal, clear hard granules coming out of his skin, the sensation of a worm crawling across his face, things he can’t see in his eyes,extreme aches and pain in knees and fingers, hair loss, my sons learning disabilities and ADD behavior extreme tiredness no interest in doing anything he has bumps all over his skin that most refer to as milia but is not, his emotional stress and behavior because of it, nail fungus ,my daughters headaches fatigue,asthma,skin ulcers that had to be lanced and treated like but was not Mrsa when test came back irritable and frustrated easily and the results are in after several different samples of black specks red,green,black,blue lint looking fibers, dry flaky skin samples, and yes boogers and everyone one of them showed hyphae germ tubes and spores identical to CANDIDA ALBICANS yes I believe we are all suffering from an overgrowth of yeast!!!!and it’s a living nightmare but real and doctors don’t seem to want to diagnose this issue unless it’s oral or vaginal infections or if your immune compromised it’s also thought to be linked to autism and several issues like diabetes high blood pressure alcoholism and many more diseases! So good luck research throughly for yourselves and a piece of mind it can’t be cured by fungal treatments or medicine we all have it in our bodies but when it overgrows into what your experiencing it can take over your life and it’s not that easy to get under control unless you have good will power and strict diet of fiber and protien, probiotics , and water nooooo sugar but it’s all you crave and you have to make it a lifestyle or it will come back limit fruits sugar carbs ect the research is out there bakingsoda water is good but it’s not “the cure” you have to eliminate these foods from your diet good luck everybody I’m just glad I have something I can do something about I’m not denying anyone’s pain or symptoms of Morgellons disease I don’t know enough about and felt doomed when I couldn’t find an answer but eureka it’s YEAST! And I pray it’s as simple an answer for you easily seen through 600x and 1200 x hope some of you find some answers and relief I’ve seen so many posts of people dealing with this crazy side of unexplained fibers and skin lesions that appear for no reason and find no answers because the black specks and fibers in the search engine we are looking for don’t pop up as Candida, because it always explained as germ tubes and spores not specks and fiber,there are many different kinds of candida and under a 600x scope lens or larger you will discover hyphae germ tubes and spores and will be able to get a little relief when u realize there is a cause for all your symptoms and we can do something! God bless everybody hope this helps

  6. Heather Awen says:

    As someone with severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity I’ve had to fight legal battles to stay alive because no.corporation wants people to know that the toxic soup we can’t get away from is changing the body. If 1/3 of male fish in the UK rivers are turning female from endocrine disruptors from pesticides, if in 3 generations on GMO food the animals become infertile, if the human body worldwide has 300 chemicals in it that didn’t exist 100 years ago, if animals that migrate can’t find north due to cell phone towers and EMFs – we’re going to be finding more “strange diseases” that are normal when the environment is toxic and we’re guinea pigs. All the food allergies and sensitivities, autism spectrum disorders (proven to be connected to pollution), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme, brain cancer, diabetes, obesity, Gulf War Syndrome (often has fungal infections no medication can treat), knowing leaded gasoline makes people violent and if tested for ADHD under fluorescent light 70% of kids test positive – this is how a healthy body deals with the assault.

    Because the traditional attitude is that one germ.causes one illness in one system, doctors can’t successfully treat multi system diseases that often are combinations of problems. Of course there’s neurological disorder with any strange illness. Mold sensitivity is a massive disabling problem neurologicaly, thyroid, adrenal glands, sex hormones, immune system, G-I system, it throws off anything.

    As for psychological symptoms. How do you feel sick with no help? Depressed, scared, angry, hopeless? No one with chronic illness or disability ever has higher than usual happiness. Our population, 20% of Americans who are disabled and over 50% with chronic illness, as a rule has high emotional and mental instability stats because of the poverty, stress, changes in.endocrine and nervous system, loss of loved ones (75% of husbands leave a wife who gets breast cancer), doctors saying you’re insane, pain, loneliness, losing so much privilege so fast – of course people test as mentally ill. It’s a SYMPTOM.

    I hadn’t heard about this. That doctors can SEE these fibers knowing it’s a new fungus but deny they exist because there’s no antifungal medication is insane. Why wouldn’t we be vulnerable to different parasites and fungus with our bodies struggling so much?

    • Heather Awen says:

      I just got Lyme disease and babesia diagnosis, 7 years with them, the normal test is only 55% accurate. I read the website. It makes perfect sense its common with Lyme because Lyme destroys the immune system allowing multi infections of any kind (babesia is basically malaria). Why Can’t I Get Better by Dr Horowitz covers a billion co-infections and tests, treatments etc. That’s why Lyme is so hard to treat. And it can do ANY SYMPTOM. This makes sense. It’s environmental because humans have moved into deer and mice territory AND global warming has made reproductive season much longer. The tick center on that island off Mass. of the government? Developing insects as weapons. Combine the 3. Lyme bacteria mutating and proliferation.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal. Industrial society has created so many interacting chemical, biological, and electromagnetic imbalances in our environment (and in ourselves) it’s more difficult than ever to parse the cause of symptoms. Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on the matter.

  7. Alix says:

    I too suffer from this in-organic, in-human disease dubbed Morgellons. I am fighting for relief and would be happy to share with you my discoveries through trial and error.

  8. Arthur Stuges says:

    Probably the best cure for Morgellons is to get in touch with Michael Chapala who has CURED HIMSELF of Morgellons via a 10,000 Watt Pulsar, strategically placed Magnets, and other methods discussed on his very useful website !

  9. darren says:

    Joni, we need to ask WHY they are lying to us and not about what they lying to us about. there are way to many things being not said.
    Ive said enough
    Darren chapman

  10. Some Girl says:

    look up clifford carnicom of the carnicom institute and his reports and studies…

  11. Debbie says:

    There is a cure for Magellons go to and go to the menu, there is a section on Magellons with testimonials.

  12. Jan Sherman says:

    Joni, keep up the fight for credibility. We know this is not a delusion. The only hoax involved is the CDC study. I have been fighting this for four 1/2 years. This is real, concrete, and frightening because it is so bizarre.

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  15. Paul van der Spek (Holland) says:

    Joni has always been my musical hero – and she still is to this day. I’m feeling a lot of grief reading what she’s going through. I wish her all the best. Hopefully one day she will sing again. If not: she left her mark on the world through her paintings and her music, but most of all by the way she is who she is. I hope she will recover soon.

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  17. Sharing your life not only to your ups but also your downs is an inspiration to us. With or without having this disease will be really inspired for what you’ve done. It won’t make them ashamed of their condition but will be encouraged a lot to do their bests continuing their lives. Hoping for your fastest treatment. High five four you Joni.

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  20. Peter says:

    I have had Morgellons with secondary parasitic infection for over two years. During the last 18 months, I have personally experienced that by implementing a treatment model that attempts to restore glandular and adrenal suppression and addresses these secondary co-infections that present with Morgellons, that I have reached about 90 % remission. I took a fundamental approach to reverse suppressed endocrine and thyroid function that included the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol as the primary tool to provide the needed nutritional support required to restore my physiology. I trust that it was this approach combined with dietary changes that brought me out of the dark and back to health. I now have returned to most all activities of normal daily living. I hope you can discover the same miracle in this way that I have.


  21. Frances Nile says:

    Joni, a true hero. You are now a great hope for morgellons sufferers like myself.
    I have lived with this waking nightmare for 20 years, give or take. I live for the day of discovery for the truth about the cause and cure. I am 64 so hope it is soon.
    Joni, taking on this cause is exciting. To me it means that more people, hopefully the people in the position to make positive change, will be inspired by your involvement. You add credibility.
    I am a lifelong fan of your work and your life. Saw you on “Q”!!
    Love you
    Frances (Campbell River, B. C.)
    Hope this message reaches you. Can I ask for a reply?

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