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The Collapse of Major Media

By John Rappoport Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com As I indicated in a recent article, the B-team, or even the C-team, is now heading up the national evening news in America. These anchors’ faces and voices (Muir, Glor, and Holt) are not even … Continue reading

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‘Violence Against Women: Why the UN Secretary-General Got it Wrong’

By Robert J. Burrowes In his remarks on the recent International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – see ‘Violence Against Women is Fundamentally About Power’ – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres inadvertantly demonstrated why well-meaning efforts being … Continue reading

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By Klaus Madersbacher Source: AntiWar.com One indicator of human development is the number of people who die from preventable diseases and epidemics. For example, the plague, as “Black Death” one of the horrors of the Middle Ages, is extinct in … Continue reading

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The Seeds of Anti-Capitalist Revolt Found in Everyday Resistance: A Review of Guerrillas of Desire – Notes on Everyday Resistance and Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible by Kevin Van Meter (AK Press, 2017)

By Scott Campbell Source: Institute for Anarchist Studies Back when I first began selling my labor for a wage in the wasteland of suburbia’s strip malls, I can recall the tedium of stocking shelves, summoning up insincere courtesy in the … Continue reading

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Why We’re Doomed: Our Economy’s Toxic Inequality

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds Anyone who thinks our toxic financial system is stable is delusional. Why are we doomed? Those consuming over-amped “news” feeds may be tempted to answer the culture wars, nuclear war with North … Continue reading

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Censorship in the Digital Age

By Jason Hirthler Source: CounterPunch The grand experiment with western democracy, badly listing thanks to broadsides from profiteering oligarchs, may finally run ashore on the rocks of thought crime. In the uneven Steven Spielberg project Minority Report, starring excitable scientologist Tom … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die: The Psychology of Rebellion & Dissent

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee Source: Waking Times “I rebel—therefore we exist.” ~Albert Camus, The Rebel Dissent is a tricky subject. The need to rebel against atrocity is deeply ingrained in the human condition. Even if most of us don’t act … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: In Shadow

New Animated Short Film “In Shadow” Is A Visionary Journey Behind The Veil Source: Activist Post Story artist for film and television, Lubomir Arsov, has just released his most recent creation titled In Shadow. It is a 13-minute animated short … Continue reading

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