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Radicle and Rhizomati: Notes from a Folk Herbalist

By Lisa Fazio Source: Resilience Hierarchy Power structures establish various systems to ensure the organisation of interrelationships and the distribution of resources throughout a group, community, or ecosystem. In human terms, these systems become our tribes, societies, and civilisations. The … Continue reading

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War on Terror: Greatest Covert Op

(Editor’s Note: The following commentary is drawn from a speech delivered by Douglas Valentine at a 2010 peace conference. In expanded version is included as the final chapter of his book “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt … Continue reading

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4 Theses on Depression and Radical Praxis

By Sophie Monk and Joni Cohen Source: The Fifth Column Depression is political. As mental health service funding is steadily cut and suicide and substance abuse statistics rise, it is becoming increasingly obvious that depression is a condition of the … Continue reading

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A New Map

By Kingsley L. Dennis Source: Waking Times ‘It is the tragedy of our time that the average individual learns too late that the materialistic concept of life has failed utterly in every department of living.’  ~Manly P. Hall  We have … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Election

“Election” (1999) is a sharp political satire in a high school setting directed by Alexander Paine and based on a novel by Tom Perrotta. Matthew Broderick stars as Mr. McAllister, a popular high school teacher who holds a personal grudge … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Sold a Lie – Time to Stop Watching the Show

By Julian Rose Source: Waking Times ‘The show must go on’ as they say in the theatre. And indeed, so it would appear. Only this particular show seems to have no beginning or end. The curtain never comes down; there … Continue reading

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I Participate

By Jonathan Bessette Source: Adbusters Recall that you’re sitting in a rapid transit vehicle, carried along the sky-line above cement highways, paved in homage to the Romans, who designed a system of militarized paths stretching everywhere, causing everything to lead … Continue reading

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Slowly, Then All at Once

By James Howard Kunstler Source: Clusterfuck Nation The staggering incoherence of the election campaign only mirrors the shocking incapacity of the American public, from top to bottom, to process the tendings of our time. The chief tending is permanent worldwide … Continue reading

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