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Why the Epstein-Mossad Honey Trap Story Has Disappeared

By Kurt Nimmo Source: Another Day in the Empire If you search the news, you will find very little to nothing in the corporate media about pedo Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to Israeli intelligence. This connection is obvious—from Epstein’s connection to … Continue reading

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About Those Dancing Israelis

By Kurt Nimmo Source: Another Day in the Empire On Friday Whitney Webb of Mint Press News wrote about new information on the 9/11 “Dancing Israelis” and their connection to Israeli intelligence.  You may not remember the Dancing Israelis incident. … Continue reading

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Time to Wake Up: the Neoliberal Order is Dying

By Jonathan Cook Source: CounterPunch In my recent essay, I argued that power in our societies resides in structure, ideology and narratives – supporting what we might loosely term our current “neoliberal order” – rather than in individuals. Significantly, our political … Continue reading

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Israelis – Not Muslims – Cheered in Jersey City on 9/11

In debunking Donald Trump’s big lie about Jersey City Muslims celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center, the corporate media have told an even bigger lie of omission. There was, indeed, shameless cheering on the banks of the Hudson … Continue reading

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The Chickenshit Lobby Is Mad As Hell – but just how mad are they?

By Justin Raimondo Source: Antiwar.com Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel – can we ever escape the endless kvetching of its partisans? In the media, in both houses of Congress, on the campuses and in the streets, Israel’s fifth column in America … Continue reading

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