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Made For Each Other

  By James Howard Kunstler Source: Kunstler.com Don’t be fooled by the idiotic exertions of the Red team and the Blue team. They’re just playing a game of “Capture the Flag” on the deck of the Titanic. The ship is … Continue reading

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For Purely Technical Reasons

By Dmitry Orlov Source: Club Orlov It is tempting for us to think that our technological choices—whether we choose to live in a city, a suburb or out in the country; whether we want to drive a pick-up truck, a … Continue reading

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Positively Thriving Through the Collapse of Civilisation

By Open Source: ZenGardner.com Have you ever watched something happening in slow motion? You can quite clearly see the end result, but nevertheless, you can’t quite believe in your mind what your eyes are seeing. Like when the twin towers … Continue reading

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The Dying Americans

By Chad Hill Source: The Hipcrime Vocab I’ve often used the term “the final solution for the working class,” in reference to the current American policy towards its vast intercoastal peasantry who, for reasons of circumstance or inclination, do not … Continue reading

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Oil and Money – Lessons Learned

This is a concluding post for an excellent 7 part long-form series featured on the Hipcrime Vocab blog. While this serves as an adequate synopsis of what was covered, I highly recommend the series for it’s depth and scope starting … Continue reading

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Ready Or Not… The unsustainable status quo is ending

By Chris Martenson Source: Peak Prosperity I have to confess, it’s getting more and more difficult to find ways of writing about everything going on in the world. Not because there’s a shortage of things to write about — wars, … Continue reading

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C-Realm Opening Speech

Words of wisdom from KMO, creator of the C-Realm podcast, reading the opening presentation for his “Manifesting In Meat Space” couch-surfing tour: http://c-realm.com/podcasts/crealm/377-manifesting-in-meat-space/ Among the topics covered: KMO’s intro to podcasting, peak oil, epochalism, technology, critical junctures, industrial society, Fight … Continue reading

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