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Washington’s Global Economic Wars

By James Petras Source: Axis of Logic Introduction During most of the past two decades Washington has aggressively launched military and economic wars against at least nine countries, either directly or through its military aid to regional allies and proxies.  … Continue reading

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For Purely Technical Reasons

By Dmitry Orlov Source: Club Orlov It is tempting for us to think that our technological choices—whether we choose to live in a city, a suburb or out in the country; whether we want to drive a pick-up truck, a … Continue reading

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The National Endowment for Democracy: Not National and Not for Democracy

By Tony Cartalucci Source: New Eastern Outlook Using a front to hide illegal or immoral activities has been a feature of human criminality since the beginning of human civilization itself. Facades, both ideological and economical, have helped criminal enterprises conceal … Continue reading

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Meet the Indigenous Eco-feminists of the Amazon

In Ecuador, indigenous Kichwa women are resisting corporate interests that threaten their land. By Lindsey Weedston Source: Yes! Magazine For episode two of A Woman’s Place, Kassidy Brown and Allison Rapson traveled to Ecuador and ventured deep into the Amazon … Continue reading

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Colluders in Crude: The Oily Politics of How the Obama Administration Sided with BP Over the American People

By Stuart H. Smith Source: WhoWhatWhy The explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 21, 2010,  was the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. The resulting devastation to human health … Continue reading

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Hacking the Planet: What Could Go Wrong?

By Dale Lately Source: The Baffler You remember this science fiction story, right? Faced with the threat of extinction on a warming planet, an advanced race flies gigantic mirrors into the stratosphere to create a giant “space umbrella” that will … Continue reading

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