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America: The Country That Never Was!

By thnkfryrslf Source: Axis of Logic The ideal country. Democratic and Free. The greatest country in the world, because they’re exceptional. Saves citizens of other countries from tyrannical governments by slaying the tyrants and bringing democracy and staying to make … Continue reading

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And the Beat Goes On: Mega-rich get richer. Society Crumbles

By Robert De Filippis (OpEdNews.com) While most of us have been taking our kids to Little League games, betting on the Super Bowl, taking an occasional vacation and waiting for the American Dream to become a reality, we haven’t noticed … Continue reading

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The American Dream is Dead

By Dustin Meyer Source: The Evolutionary Mind To say the American Dream is Dead couldn’t be more true. The American people as a whole are ignorant. They grow up believing that there is a perfect lifestyle in which they will get … Continue reading

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Mobility, Meritocracy and Other Myths

  By Kevin Carson Source: Center for a Stateless Society At the American Enterprise Institute, Mark Perry (“Yes, America’s middle class has been disappearing… into higher income groups,” Dec. 17) justifies the shrinking middle class and growing economic inequality by … Continue reading

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Your Awakening Counts More Than Your Vote

By Dylan Charles Source: Waking Times We live in a world where illusions are held in higher esteem than verifiable truth. This is no accident, as the individual has for decades now been on the receiving end of social engineering programs, … Continue reading

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The 1% Versus the 99%: Realignment, Repression or Revolution

Wealth Inequality Is Putting the US on Course for a Showdown By Klaus Marre Source: WhoWhatWhy.org The richest 20 Americans now own as much wealth as the country’s poorest 152 million people combined. That is just one of the findings … Continue reading

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The lottery and social despair in America

By Andre Damon Source: WSWS.org This mania, so generally condemned, has never been properly studied. No one has realized that it is the opium of the poor. Did not the lottery, the mightiest fairy in the world, work up magical … Continue reading

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The Dying Americans

By Chad Hill Source: The Hipcrime Vocab I’ve often used the term “the final solution for the working class,” in reference to the current American policy towards its vast intercoastal peasantry who, for reasons of circumstance or inclination, do not … Continue reading

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