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Surgical Totalitarianism

By Dan Corjescu Source: Dissident Voice You don’t have to control everything to be in total control. In the modern world this seeming paradox is a systemic reality. In the past, classic totalitarian governments sought to literally control every aspect of … Continue reading

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Thinking about American Totalitarianism

By Dan Corjescu Source: CounterPunch Totalitarianism evolves. Yet what remains the same through time is the attempt at total control. Today, control is veiled not overt. Control weaves its way both totally and surgically into our everyday lives. Totally, in … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry – Everything is Not Under Control

By Zen Gardner Source: ZenGardner.com What a farce. Telling everyone “everything is under control” is perhaps the most dulling and disempowering phrase ever uttered. My fascination with language just keeps expanding. I love looking at expressions, words, colloquialisms, so-called “sayings” … Continue reading

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