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How The Guardian Fulfills George Orwell’s Prediction of ‘Newspeak’

By Eric Zuesse Source: Strategic Culture Foundation On Sunday April 15th, Britain’s Guardian bannered “OPCW inspectors set to investigate site of Douma chemical attack” and pretended that there was no question that a chemical attack in Douma Syria on April 7th had … Continue reading

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US, allies risk Russian retaliation in Syrian attack

By Editorial Board Source: Global Times US President Donald Trump announced on Friday he ordered strikes on the Syrian regime in response to a chemical attack last weekend. He said the strikes were in coordination with France and the United … Continue reading

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2016 election decides who controls the drug trade

By Daniel Hopsicker (Mad Cow Morning News) In the Presidential Election of 2016, Republican and Democratic insiders are wrestling like two dogs over a bone over who controls the illegal drug trade. To the victor go the spoils. Who wins the … Continue reading

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Brussels Bombing Psyop a Victory for the Ruling Elite and Global Police State

By Bernie Suarez Source: Waking Times There are many signs pointing to a false flag attack in Brussels on 3-22-16. Independent and alternative media, as usual, has been right on top of the story catching many of the usual oddities, … Continue reading

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Putin’s Blitz Leaves Washington Rankled and Confused

By Mike Whitney Source: Counterpunch On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a blistering critique of US foreign policy to the UN General Assembly. On Tuesday, Barack Obama shoved a knife in Putin’s back. This is from Reuters: “France will discuss … Continue reading

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