Hegemon USA and Its Western Vassals: An Unparalleled Threat to Humanity

By Stephen Lendman

Source: Stephen Lendman Blog

From inception, hegemon USA has been a warrior state, an aggressor abhorrent of peace and stability.

In its near-250-year history, it’s been at peace during only 21 of those years — at war against one or more invented enemies over 90% of the time.

Throughout the post-WW II period, it’s been at war by hot and/or other means against dozens of nations threatening no one.

Far and away more than any other countries in world history, the empire of lies and mass deception shuns peace in favor of perpetual war-making against nations unwilling to be subservient to a higher power in Washington.

Currently at war on Russia by use of Nazified Ukrainian foot soldiers, hegemon USA wants it waged perpetually, no matter the human cost.

During a Security Council session last week, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, slammed hegemon USA and its Western vassals for shunning conflict resolution in Ukraine in favor of perpetual war.

Peace is an anathema notion for their ruling regimes at a time when Germany’s militant Russophobic foreign minister, Baerbock, expressed support for US-dominated NATO’s preemptive war on Russia.

US/Western merchants of death and human misery rely on war-making for maximum revenue and profiteering.

Billions of US dollars for Ukrainian Nazis go directly to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamic, Northrup Grumman and other merchants of death and mass destruction.

War-making is big business. According to Nebenzia:

US-dominated NATO regimes want it waged perpetually against invented enemy Russia — no matter UAF losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals long ago abandoned the rule of law and whatever scant morality their ruling regimes once had.

Using expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers as cannon fodder they don’t give a damn about, they want forever war waged on Russia to the last involuntary conscript.

US/Western regimes are arming them with chemical and other banned weapons, encouraging their use against Russian forces.

They picked a fight with an adversary able to retaliate against aggression with overwhelming force.

Russia is committed to assure “that no threat to (the Motherland), our allies, culture or language ever again comes from Ukrainian territory,” Nebenzia stressed, adding:

“And we will see to it that (the US-installed regime) never again glorifies Hitler’s accomplices who exterminated hundreds of thousands of Jews, Russians, Poles, and Ukrainians.”

Invited by Russia to speak truth to power at the Security Council, activist Pink Floyd founder, Roger Waters, said the following in part:

“We do not willingly raise our sons and daughters to provide fodder for your cannons.”

“The only sensible course of action today is an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.”

“No if’s, no but’s, no and’s.”

Waters called for the fake Biden, US-installed puppet Zelensky and preeminent world leader, Vladimir Putin, to “change course (by) agree(ing) to a ceasefire now.”

Puppet Zelensky, the US, NATO regimes, Russia, the EU — “all of you, please change course now.

“Agree to a ceasefire in Ukraine today,” Waters stressed.

At age-79, he passionately supports peace and stability over endless wars of aggression against invented enemies.

The Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin personally are on the right side of history — US-dominated NATO regimes on the wrong side by waging perpetual wars of aggression against nonthreatening nations.

“Anyone with half a brain can see that the conflict in Ukraine was provoked” by the Nazi-infested regime as directed by its US master. 

On a related issue, Waters compared apartheid Israel to Nazi Germany.

Mincing no words, he stressed what’s indisputable, saying:

“The Israelis are committing (slow-motion) genocide (against Palestinians) like Great Britain did during our colonial period.”

The difference between Israel and hegemon USA if that the former operates with way in the Middle East compared to what the empire of lies does worldwide.

No nation may legally circumvent international law in pursuit of its geopolitical aims.

Hegemon USA, its Western vassals, Nazi-infested Ukraine and apartheid Israel operate exclusively this way.

Based on all things Russia and Ukraine over the past year and during the run-up to what’s ongoing, I believe that WW III already began.

What’s unknown is whether the empire of lies will use nuclear weapons against Russia in a futile attempt to transform certain defeat in Ukraine to triumph — forcing Russia to retaliate with these WMDs in self-defense.

If what’s unthinkable happens, what Einstein feared may become reality.

Saying he didn’t know what weapons would be used if WW III occurs, he added:

“World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Eminent philosopher Bertrand Russell once stressed:

“Shall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war.” 

The alternative is mutually assured destruction.

“If we don’t end war(s), (they’ll) end us,” HG Wells stressed.

And most likely, they’ll end with a bang, not a whimper.

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2 Responses to Hegemon USA and Its Western Vassals: An Unparalleled Threat to Humanity

  1. WillD says:

    There is no doubt that the US and its vassals pose a huge threat to humanity. This is extremely disturbing in itself, as is the mass hysteria, psychosis and delusion that has fallen upon most of the collective west.

    People who normally, then what is normal these days (?), would have enough presence of mind to see how much they are being brainwashed by their governments, media and peer pressure, still manage to justify (I can’t say rationalise, because it isn’t rational) their beliefs and positions. None of these are based on reality as I, and many others, know it.

    And there was I worried about the WEF and its influence, which I think is mild compared to this malign, dare I say evil, influence drive by demented warmongers.

    • Though he’s no saint, Putin was quite correct when he characterized the US-led western power bloc as an Empire of Lies. So effective are the systems of propaganda in place, it’s no wonder the majority of its citizens (and many of allied countries and of countries oppressed or maligned by the west) buy into the propaganda. Those of us who can still think clearly enough to question and critique “sacred” mainstream narratives now risk being labeled a friend of the enemy if not the primary enemy, but it’s our duty to all sentient beings to continue to do so.

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