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Why Fear and Self-hatred Destroy Human Sharing and Solidarity

By Robert J. Burrowes As our world spirals deeper into an abyss from which it is becoming increasingly difficult to extricate ourselves, some very prominent activists have lamented the lack of human solidarity in the face of the ongoing genocide … Continue reading

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Love, Western Nihilism and Revolutionary Optimism

By Andre Vltchek Source: Dissident Voice How dreadfully depressing life has become in almost all of the Western cities! How awful and sad. It is not that these cities are not rich; they are. Of course, things are deteriorating there, … Continue reading

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A Crisis of the Heart

By rahkyt Source: Sacred Space in Time The loss of life for any reason is always to be commiserated with and in instances of collective horror such as the terrorist attacks that have recently beset the West, the heart of … Continue reading

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5/15 Global Day of Solidarity for Fast Food Workers

Today is the day of the largest global fast food strike yet, targeting major chain restaurants including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and KFC. Organized with the help of Fast Food Forward, the Service Employees International Union and a … Continue reading

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