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Are We (Collectively) Depressed?

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds We need to encourage honesty above optimism. Once we can speak honestly, there is a foundation for optimism. Psychoanalysis teaches that one cause of depression is repressed anger. The rising tide of … Continue reading

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The 1% Versus the 99%: Realignment, Repression or Revolution

Wealth Inequality Is Putting the US on Course for a Showdown By Klaus Marre Source: WhoWhatWhy.org The richest 20 Americans now own as much wealth as the country’s poorest 152 million people combined. That is just one of the findings … Continue reading

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Forget Techno-Optimism: We Can’t Innovate Our Way Out of Inequality

By Chris Lehmann Source: In These Times Toward the end of his 250-page hymn to digital-age innovation, The Industries of the Future, Alec Ross pauses to offer a rare cautionary note. Silicon Valley may have incubated all the wonders and … Continue reading

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The Vindication of Daniel Ortega

By toni solo Source: Axis of Logic North American and European economies continue to be stuck with intractable, if for the moment moderate, stagflation. Prices for most household purchases steadily increase while majority incomes stagnate. By contrast, corporate incomes increase, … Continue reading

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