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Forget Techno-Optimism: We Can’t Innovate Our Way Out of Inequality

By Chris Lehmann Source: In These Times Toward the end of his 250-page hymn to digital-age innovation, The Industries of the Future, Alec Ross pauses to offer a rare cautionary note. Silicon Valley may have incubated all the wonders and … Continue reading

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Economic grace of ‘Social Credit’: national dividend with compensated retail prices for consumer goods distribution in an age of technology

By Wallace Klinck Source: The Daily Censored “The unacknowledged, but obvious, truth is that unnecessary work, imposed by either edict or contrived financial legerdemain, is slavery and servitude—totally irrational and immoral.  Every engineer worthy of the name is trying to eliminate the … Continue reading

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We Need a Social Economy, Not a Hyper-Financialized Plantation Economy

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds The key to broadly distributing capital and reversing inequality is to nurture the source of social capital: the community economy. We all know what a hyper-financialized economy looks like–we live in one:central … Continue reading

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The Calling: How Cronyism Worsens Income Inequality (and Freed Markets Reduce It)

By Steven Horwitz Source: Future of Freedom Foundation I recently gave an introductory Public Choice talk sponsored by Students for Liberty at the University of Ottawa. The next speaker was my friend Anne Rathbone Bradley, who was Skyping in from … Continue reading

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