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By Moé Yonamine Source: Rethinking Schools My family moved to the United States from Okinawa when I was 7. But Okinawa is still home — and I’m hurt and angered at how the United States and Japan continue to treat … Continue reading

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Non-Alignment and Dissent to Challenge US-Russia-China’s New World Order

By Gilbert Mercier (News Junkie Post) In groups of people there are always bullies who feel entitled, for no particular reason, to want more than the rest and to dominate the others in complete disregard of the common good. Fortunately … Continue reading

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Five Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country

By Nathan Wellman Source: U.S. Uncut The United States of America is possibly the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. However, many third-world countries actually surpass America in many of the most vital gauges for measuring human development. … Continue reading

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The Other Dieoffs

By Chad Hill Source: The Hipcrime Vocab Last week I realized that there were a few subtleties left out of my (rather depressing) topic. I argued that America was doing more than just throwing its working class under the bus; … Continue reading

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Techno-Financial Capital & Genocide of the Poorest of the Poor

By Dr. James Petras Source: Boiling Frogs Post Total war from above and the outside breeds total war from the inside and below Today, the ‘poorest of the poor’ are superfluous to empire and thus the policy of genocide. The … Continue reading

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US Empire: American Exceptionalism Is No Shining City On a Hill

By Gilbert Mercier Source: News Junkie Post The concept of American exceptionalism is as old as the United States, and it implies that the country has a qualitative difference from other nations. This notion of being special gives Americans the … Continue reading

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America as Dangerous Flailing Beast

Despite pretty talk about “democracy” and “human rights,” U.S. leaders have become the world’s chief purveyors of chaos and death – from Vietnam through Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and many other unfortunate nations, a dangerous dilemma addressed by John Chuckman. … Continue reading

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The Dark Soul of American Empire

By Mark Weiser Source: Dissident Voice Whether or not the soul exists may depend entirely on how it’s being defined, and depending on the definition may also depend on faith, religious or otherwise. The human soul is thought by many … Continue reading

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