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This Viral ‘Feel-Good’ Story Is Actually an Indictment of American Labor Hell

By Luke O’Neil Source: Observer In what’s quickly become the feel-good story of the week, a young Alabama man named Walter Carr is being lauded across the country for his perseverance and indomitable spirit. It’s the type of story that … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: American Nomads

Synopsis from Top Documentary Films Beneath the America we think we know lies a nation hidden from view – a nomadic nation, living on the roads, the rails and in the wild open spaces. In its deserts, forests, mountain ranges … Continue reading

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Why America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country

Or, How American Collapse is Made of a New Kind of Poverty By Umair Haque Source: Eudaimonia Consider the following statistics. The average American can’t scrape together $500 for an emergency. A third of Americans can’t afford food, shelter, and healthcare. … Continue reading

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America’s Rich Are Completely Losing Touch With Reality — and That’s a Really Bad Sign

By Shaun Bradley Source: AntiMedia The divide between wealthy and working class has grown wider each year since the last financial crisis, but this disconnect is about much more than just money or politics. The super-rich, in particular, have become … Continue reading

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It Is Bettter to Light One Candle than to Curse the Darkness

By Harvey Lothian Source: Dissident Voice The world is in bad shape. Every reasonably intelligent, aware, objective person in the world knows, if only intuitively, that something is very, very wrong. There should not be this many armed conflicts, this much … Continue reading

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Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless

On negotiating the false idols of neoliberal self-care By Laurie Penny Source: The Baffler Late capitalism is like your love life: it looks a lot less bleak through an Instagram filter. The slow collapse of the social contract is the … Continue reading

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Against meaninglessness and precarity: the crisis of work

By David Frayne Source: ROAR Magazine If work is vital for income, social inclusion and a sense of identity, then one of the most troubling contradictions of our time is that the centrality of work in our societies persists even when … Continue reading

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On the Process of Awakening

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds We cannot help but feel a hunger for authenticity, honesty, spiritual solace and human connection, but these are precisely what is scarce in our social and economic structure. There is a tremendous … Continue reading

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