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Aristocracy Deceives Public about the Deep State

By Eric Zuesse Source: Strategic Culture Foundation The «deep state» is the aristocracy and its agents. Wikispooks defines it as follows: The deep state (loosely synonymous with the shadow government or permanent government) is in contrast to the public structures which appear to be directing individual nation states. The deep state is … Continue reading

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America, the World’s Most Dangerous Dictatorship

By Gordon Duff Source: New Eastern Outlook Though Russia doesn’t consider herself a superpower, other than the US, and just perhaps China, Russia is as close as we come. A very real problem is that Russia has a very poor … Continue reading

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Pugnacious Parasites and the Provocation

By Zen Gardner Source: ZenGardner.com Everyone knows the unscrupulously manipulative always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. It’s an age old trick to obfuscate the obvious and buy time to accomplish their purposes. Lying is their pathological … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Death of an Artist Whose Drawings Were Too Revealing

Editor’s note: Today marks the birthday of artist Mark Lombardi (born in 1951) and is also the day after the 16th anniversary of his suicide or murder. To learn more about Lombardi’s life, art and the suspicious circumstances surrounding his … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Struggle

From MentalRev Productions: Struggle is a case study of the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio, the deciding swing state which delivered the presidency once again to George W. Bush. Diligently researched by the key contributors to the film, Struggle is … Continue reading

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Bush-Clinton Mafia Dynasties Merry-Go-Round

By Gilbert Mercier Source: News Junkie Post If a space or a time traveler would set his time ship’s dial to 2015, with the United States as its destination, one could think that a mandatory preparation for the journey to … Continue reading

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Judith Miller’s Blame-Shifting Memoir

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Source: Consortium News U.S. intelligence veterans recall the real story of how New York Times reporter Judith Miller disgraced herself and her profession by helping to mislead Americans into the disastrous war in Iraq. … Continue reading

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“Crimes against Peace”: Historic Class Action Law Suit against George W. Bush

The case for Aggressive War against George W. Bush and his Administration. By Inder Comar Source: GlobalResearch.ca On March 13, 2013, my client, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, filed a class action lawsuit against George W. … Continue reading

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