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By The Burning Platform “There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” – George Orwell 1984 “People will agree with you only if they already agree … Continue reading

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The Election Has Already Been Hijacked and the Winner Decided: ‘We the People’ Lose

By John W. Whitehead Source: The Rutherford Institute “Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.” ― Herbert Marcuse Republicans and Democrats alike fear that the other party will attempt to hijack this election. President Trump is convinced that mail-in … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Americathon

“Americathon” (1978) is, like Idiocracy, a dystopian comedy with prophetic predictions such as the fall of the USSR, privatization of public assets, smoking being banned, masses of homeless people living in cars, and the dominance of reality TV, but set … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Jammin’ in New York

“Jammin’ in New York” (1992) was Carlin’s 8th HBO special and was a performance he considered a career-best. The constant stream of jokes and wordplay are kept at a rapid pace throughout the show but the true highlights are his … Continue reading

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George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and Doug Stanhope on Nationalism

Just in time for the  4th of July, here’s a compilation of classic material from three of the funniest American social critics reminding us of what nationalism is all about: Bonus Doug Stanhope clip:

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Immortal Words from George Carlin

Six years ago today George Carlin, one of the great American comedian/social critics, died of heart failure. It’s often assumed that people mellow with age but Carlin’s life and career is proof that the opposite can be true. Throughout much … Continue reading

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Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight

Activist/comedian Lee Camp, best known for his Moment of Clarity YouTube channel and podcasts (and who follows the fine tradition of stand-up social critics such as George Carlin or Bill Hicks), is host of the new RT program “Redacted Tonight”. … Continue reading

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Why Generation Y Should Be Unhappy

Pseudo-sociological trend pieces are a dime a dozen these days, but a recent one called Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy stands out because it’s apparently been the center of much intergenerational debate on social media. I found it interesting … Continue reading

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