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A Nonviolent Strategy to End the Climate Catastrophe

By Robert J. Burrowes As the evidence mounts that we are fast approaching the final point-of-no-return beyond which it will be impossible to take sufficient effective action to prevent climate catastrophe – see ‘The World Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently‘– … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: The Fuck-It Point

Synopsis by Savage Revival: A film about civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don’t. [THE FUCK-IT POINT] ‘When you have had enough. When you decide to take matters into your own hands and don’t … Continue reading

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Beyond Palliative Care

By arranjames Source: Synthetic Zero Not all that long ago the curators of this blog started talking about the possibility of the palliative care of the Earth. Recently dmf posted up a podcast dealing with the same topic. I haven’t … Continue reading

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