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Biological Annihilation on Earth Accelerating

By Robert J. Burrowes Human beings are now waging war against life itself as we continue to destroy not just individual lives, local populations and entire species in vast numbers but also destroy the ecological systems that make life on … Continue reading

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Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition

By Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk Source: Reality Sandwich It’s delicate confronting these priests of the golden bull They preach from the pulpit of the bottom line Their minds rustle with million dollar bills You say Silver burns a hole … Continue reading

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A Nonviolent Strategy to End the Climate Catastrophe

By Robert J. Burrowes As the evidence mounts that we are fast approaching the final point-of-no-return beyond which it will be impossible to take sufficient effective action to prevent climate catastrophe – see ‘The World Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently‘– … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: The Fuck-It Point

Synopsis by Savage Revival: A film about civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don’t. [THE FUCK-IT POINT] ‘When you have had enough. When you decide to take matters into your own hands and don’t … Continue reading

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Beyond Palliative Care

By arranjames Source: Synthetic Zero Not all that long ago the curators of this blog started talking about the possibility of the palliative care of the Earth. Recently dmf posted up a podcast dealing with the same topic. I haven’t … Continue reading

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