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Cyberpunk: The Human Condition amid High-tech Alienation and Urban Dystopia

By Raymond Lam Source: BuddhistDoor.net I love the seashore and the countryside, but I have spent most of my life in cities, with little to no time spent in the country. I grew up in Brisbane, Australia (which, despite its … Continue reading

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The ‘Hidden Mechanisms’ That Help Those Born Rich to Excel in Elite Jobs

When two sociologists interviewed highly paid architects, TV producers, actors, and accountants, they encountered work cultures that favor the already affluent. By Joe Pinsker Source: The Atlantic Over the past five years, the sociologists Daniel Laurison and Sam Friedman have … Continue reading

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Inventing the Future: The Collective Joy of Mark Fisher’s ‘k-punk’

By Michael Grasso Source: We Are the Mutants k-punk By Mark Fisher Foreword by Simon Reynolds, Edited by Darren Ambrose Repeater Books, 2018 A little over two years ago, theorist and cultural critic Mark Fisher took his own life at … Continue reading

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Capitalism, Empire, and the Infernal Gloom Machine

By Jason Holland Source: Dissident Voice Depression is built into this machine and the evidence is plastered on the morose faces of people caught in the clutches of its business as usual activities. Depression is found in the insurmountable debts we … Continue reading

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Hovering parents don’t need lectures. They need a more equal nation. By Sam Pizzigati Source: OtherWords A good many of us aging baby boomers are having trouble relating to the “helicopter parents” of our modern age — those moms and pops … Continue reading

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Art and Dreaming: Realizing our Power to Co-Create Reality

By Ruth Gordon Source: Reality Sandwich “True creativity doesn’t just make things; it feeds what feeds life. In modern culture where people are no longer initiated, the spirit goes unfed. To be seen, the uninitiated create insane things, some destructive … Continue reading

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Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia Merger: Global Empire of Dystopia?

By Gilbert Mercier Source: News Junkie Post The nature of reality in times of universal confusion The world and our interpretation of it are often at best an idea and, at worse, a figment of our imagination. In our full-blown … Continue reading

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Cyberpunk is Now and No One Knows What to Do With It

By Pattern Theory Source: Modern Mythology Cyberpunk broke science fiction. Creeping in alongside the commercialization of the internet, it extrapolated the corruption and dysfunction of its present into a brutal and interconnected future that remained just a heartbeat away. Cyberpunk … Continue reading

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