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The Mechanics Of A Free Society

By Colin Turner Source: Freeworlder Most people who have given any consideration to a moneyless, ‘free world’ society are already aware that we have the technology today to create a world of abundance without the constraints and inequality of the … Continue reading

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Insurrection and Utopia, Part 1: “We are Eating From a Trashcan; This Trashcan is Ideology.”

By Dr. Bones Source: Gods and Radicals It all started innocently enough. A friend asked me a question on facebook: “How can you advocate anarchic revolution when your political vision is so far in the minority?” The underlying premise was a … Continue reading

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Cult Movie Inspires Global Protest Against Internet Censorship

Anonymous to Commemorate Guy Fawkes Day with Hundreds of Events By Klaus Marre Source: WhoWhatWhy.org Here’s something sure to raise “hackles” in corporate boardrooms everywhere: The hacker collective Anonymous is marching in cities around the world today in the name … Continue reading

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#ACAB: Why the Institution of Policing Makes All Cops Bastards

By PM Beers Source: AntiMedia All cops are bastards because all cops, if ordered to, will enforce laws that oppress poor people. Many people would like to believe that there are good cops and bad cops. I’m going to explain … Continue reading

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Indulge . . . & Undermine

Source: CrimethInc. Have you noticed—exhortations to indulge yourself are always followed by suggestions? Adherents of doctrines seek footholds to claim territory within you, salesmen grasp for handles to jerk you around . . . from new-age prophets to advertisers, from … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry – Everything is Not Under Control

By Zen Gardner Source: ZenGardner.com What a farce. Telling everyone “everything is under control” is perhaps the most dulling and disempowering phrase ever uttered. My fascination with language just keeps expanding. I love looking at expressions, words, colloquialisms, so-called “sayings” … Continue reading

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Another World is Possible

From the Spanish Civil War to the fall of the Berlin Wall, anarchism pushes for a new social order By Tommaso Segantini Source: Adbusters The Spanish Civil War that occurred between 1936-1939 is always remembered as the fight between the … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Anarchy Would be an Improvement in Human Governance

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee Source: Waking Times “Give a man a gun and he’ll rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he’ll rob the world.” –Unknown Give people just a little bit of knowledge and courage and they … Continue reading

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