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How to get rid the bastards before they murder us all

By Jack Balkwill Source: Intrepid Report If most Americans knew what was happening in our extremely corrupt government, there would be a bloody riot, and most of the Democrats and Republicans would be slaughtered with as little mercy as they’ve … Continue reading

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Any Third Party Vote is a Vote for Hillary Clinton

By Peter Breschard Source: Dissident Voice Buddy boy, don’t you get it? This isn’t the year to cast a “protest” vote. If you don’t vote for Trump, you’re really voting for Hillary. Huh? Listen, kid, you just don’t know how all … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the People of the United States: Election or Revolution?

(Editor’s note: While we do believe positive change is possible on a local level through grass-roots campaigns and voter initiatives, until major systemic changes are forced into existence we have no reason to expect anything from presidential politics other than … Continue reading

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