America: The Country That Never Was!

By thnkfryrslf

Source: Axis of Logic

The ideal country. Democratic and Free. The greatest country in the world, because they’re exceptional.

Saves citizens of other countries from tyrannical governments by slaying the tyrants and bringing democracy and staying to make sure that democracy is implemented, no matter how long it takes. Always doing right by those citizens in need.

A beacon of liberty to the rest of the world. Saved the world by winning the 2nd world war. Its citizens always patriotically supporting the troops. The richest country on earth. All citizens are equal under the law. Economically, presents to its citizens every opportunity to succeed. A culture of endless opportunities.

Constantly reforming education for its people. Good God-fearing moral people, supported by a God-fearing, moral government. A benevolent people, whose benevolent government shows benevolence to the rest of the world. Respecting the freedom and sovereignty of all nations.

Generous loans given to poorer countries.

Good supportive and caring neighbour to its northern and southern neighbours.

Always warning its public and the rest of the world who the enemy of their stability and peace is and that this country of exceptional people will always defend them.

Admirer of those self-made creators of wealth. They are the true rugged individuals. Showing in Hollywood movies the heroism of their noble military. Accepting all races of people, it being one of their highest values.

An engaged citizenry always challenging its government to do better. Freedom of speech exercised by all, because they are a government of the people and by the people.

Citizens love of their country runs deep, shown by not having a need to travel much to other lesser countries. The MSM always helping the people to understand politics domestically and globally and how their government is constantly practicing democratic values at home and abroad.

The envy of the world for their wealth and freedom. A country who historically fought a civil war to abolish slavery and succeeded. A country that was essentially built by Europeans. A country whose heroic history is taught as an inspiration.

America, a brutal and savage killer, posing as a liberator and keeper of peace, is the country that does exist.

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5 Responses to America: The Country That Never Was!

  1. Authoritarian socialist regimes killed more folks. Most of which were their own citizens.

    Now I’m not a “my country right or wrong” type of person, but really. This is the only country that offers unadulterated freedom to the people that live inside its borders. At least it use to. The US government IS corrupt. Corrupted by the wealth that freedom generated. And that wealth made a swath of corruption over the globe. But by all accounts the US is the most free nation on the planet. There is a concerted effort buy those inside and outside the government to remove the one aspect that makes the US what it is. Freedom. And arguments like the one in this article seem to justify dismantling freedom. Freedom is messy. I guess if you take that away then this article’s premise applies.

    But Americans have been fooled many many times by their government. The country that never was existed in the hearts and hopes of many. And I think it still does.

    • Authoritarian socialist regimes have killed many, but of course we shouldn’t assume that’s the only possible alternative. And lest we forget, some of the worst such as the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge were funded and supported by U.S. corporations and government. One can only speculate how many of its own citizens US government has killed, especially if one considers wars based on lies, false flag terror attacks, systemic police violence, etc as well as deaths from corporate cronies enabled by government including Big Pharma, Big Ag and Bil Oil.
      Also, while wealth may in some cases come from freedom, it also comes from theft, slavery, exploitation, inheritance, game-fixing, and rent-seeking.

      • Indeed, socialism, authoritarian versions included, have always been promulgated by the wealthy as the workers and proletariats preferred ideology. And indeed, your other points about US government operations are well noted and inarguable.
        However, building wealth for the common man is a difficult task but a just reward for hard work. How can one stay ahead of inflation and taxes? Is inheritance illegitimate? If you work hard your children shouldn’t benefit? If you scrape enough money together to buy a two family home your rent – seeking is illegitimate? Is all wealth, even small amounts, tainted with corruption? I don’t think so.
        As I mentioned before, I believe power attained through wealth seems to be the culprit and the purveyor of evil.
        “It is not the Sun they wish to attain, but the power of the Sun”

        • Concentration of enough wealth to live a relatively enjoyable life is not a problem. Extreme concentration of wealth, the types of which we see today which depletes natural resources, pollutes the earth, corrupts governments and maintains an increasingly stratified society, most definitely is. How do we know how much is too much wealth? We need to examine the relative power and influence such wealth affords certain groups and individuals and ask ourselves how much is too much power (as well as how valuable their contributions to the world realistically are).

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