Food for the Moon

By rahkyt

Source: Sacred Space in Time

I don’t know how to say this politely: you are part of a remorseless, psychopathic system that circumscribes your very thought processes and forms your every opinion and belief.

This system of thought, action and being envelops you like air and you can’t see it, feel it or hear it. And yet, you do see it, feel it and hear it every day because it is in your mind as it is in the mind of every person around you.

This system is designed to cull your energy through work and play, to foster its own continuation by way of your personal energetic production. And the production of every, single soul around you. its stability is dependent upon your ignorance.

Because once you become aware of it, you begin to see it everywhere. As it has always been everywhere. Been everything. It notices your awakened state and actively seeks to lull you back to sleep or, failing in that, destroying you utterly and erasing every true sign of your existence from its collective memory.

Once you choose knowledge, you are done. Once you choose truth, you are finished.

It is best to go on ahead and believe you’re dead from that very instant like the ancient Samurais of Japan used to do, for the sake of your own psychological stability moving forward.

Because move forward you must. We must. There is work to do and little time to do it. There are dragons to slay, literally, and they have been awaiting your arrival for millennia.

And now that the time of prophecy and projection is finally upon us, as those awakened souls kindle the flames of love within others and that collective and mighty roar signals the onset of the conflagration of the Ages, your options are reduced to the potentialities of the moment. The Now.

You are brought from the heights of abstract psychological and mental confabulation to the pressing, survivalist instincts that instruct you on how to make it through this moment. And the next. And the one after that.

Don’t worry. There’s no time for wasted energy. You will know what to do.

Your spirit has been preparing for this time for eternity. When the moments of your engagement arrives, you will step the steps predestined, say the words preordained and do the things you were preconceived to do.

And that is just how its going to be. So don’t waste anymore time on worry or regret. The system and its people don’t give a damn about you. Or any of us.

We’re only sustenance. Food for the moon. And Saturn, of course.


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