Dancing with The Bride of Dracula at the Ebola Debutante’s Ball

By Les Visible

Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

What Really Happened has got a s-load of Ebola news up at the beginning of the articles list today, from yesterday and that might change in a few hours but you can find them. Yes, the government invented it and the government is disseminating it and if their usual policies hold true they will soon be taxing you for the privilege of catching it. However, if you are rich you will not have to pay for hosting Ebola in your system because the rich don’t pay taxes. That’s why God made so many poor people, so that they could finance the system, which is designed to make things go real smooth for the rich. In fact, the gears that turn the mechanical assemblies that pump out financial profit for the rich are designed to run on human blood. Not only is human blood the fuel that runs the machinery but human blood is also what lubricates the gears. You would have to say it is seriously multipurpose, especially considering that people (people?) like Little Georgie Sorrows, David Rockefeller, Lloyd Blankfein, Michael Bloomfield and many others also drink it as a cordial, aperitif, general cocktail and food supplement served up in smoothies. This is as it should be because they are smoothies. They slide through existence, like a lizard on a greased, inclined mesa.

A short while ago, the government propaganda agency, also known as the Crass Media, was mentioning how Ebola was created by the Russians but… since the completely Zionist owned American government owns the patent on Ebola and since GKS and the CDC and others are blockading all natural means for treating Ebola, it is to be presumed that this is a multifaceted assault on the public. On one hand they want to kill off as many useless eaters as they can in Africa and they’ve been killing Africans for profit and sport for decades now, while also testing whatever toxic diseases they can think of on them so that they can screw them over with pharmaceutical vaccines and, of course, they tested AIDS on them and of course they test all their jungle warfare weapons on them too.

After awhile, depending on when they need access to whatever resources they intend to steal, from whatever country their professional thieves, lawyers, bean counters and Zionist overlords decide on, they jump right in and do what they do. They are joined at the hip with the IMF (Bride of Dracula Christine Lagarde country) and the most powerful Satanic family bloodline in the world, The Rothschilds. How bad are these last? The matron of the family once said if her sons didn’t want war there wouldn’t be any war. Familiar with war are you? War is when people get blown up into small pieces, women and children get gang-raped by two legged animals. Mass graves get filled with hundreds of bodies that were first tortured. All this takes place under orders from BANKERS. Bankers own the governments because they print the money. In any case, you are not dealing with human beings here. You are dealing with hollow shells inhabited by real demons. This is why and how they can do what they do and have no regrets, remorse, or twinge of conscience whatsoever. The nastier the enterprise, the more tumescent they get. The screams of the defenseless work upon their libido like Viagra.

These seemingly civilized men and women in expensive suits provide nothing of any value whatsoever. They are a plague upon existence. They don’t care who they hurt and they don’t care how many they hurt. I am incapable of finding an adjective that accurately describes them. The toxicity of a soul like Binliner WackoffYahoo, Skull Olmert, 9-11 Barack and the rest of these mass murdering crocodile swine, is as vile and poisonous as any poison or virus on the planet. There is no if and or but about these characters. For thousands of years these contemptible densities of darkness have been adding (life after life) to the black marks upon what might have once been their souls. They are so far past the boundaries of the ring pass not, of what composes anything human that it is only the costume they are wearing that conveys the impression that they are human. They ARE NOT human. Human beings do not behave as they do. These fiends just announced that their next assault on Gaza will be worse that the last one. Think about that. They intend to wipe The Palestinians from the face of the Earth because the Palestinians ARE the people that they are fraudulently pretending to be. The Palestinians are Semitic. They are not.

Take heart in the fact that everything going on these days is all part of an extended and complex demonstration of the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. How are YOU carrying yourself in these times? WHAT are you up to? What do you say? What do you think? What do you do? What are you? The quality or lack of quality expressed in these actions defines you. Every moment of your life you are defining yourself. If you want to know what you are, look back the way you came and you will at least see what you thought you were. Look within and do it with the proper degree of intensity and perpetuating determination and you will see what you really are and there will be no concern about in what manner it gets expressed because it expresses itself without the need for thought or action, yet is bleeds through every single one.

I have screwed up any number of times. For a long while my judgment and level of self control were not what they should have been; in the ideal sense that is but… I have never stopped trying. I have never sugar coated my own behavior, in my own mind, so as to locate justification for anything. It is what it was but we are fluid creatures, unless we allow ourselves to become so stratified that change has become more difficult than we were capable of. That’s Curmudgeon Country. You don’t want to live there. Nothing has to be the way it is. Either we are stronger than our patterns or they are stronger than we are and that is singularly dependent on the degree to which we have surrendered to Material Nature.

The problem is that so many things passed off as spiritual behavior these days, are simply just another permutation of Material Nature. This can be determined by whether one operates according to self interest or not. Unless you have developed a sophisticated infrastructure of lies by which you have convinced yourself of what is not, in place of what is, you should be able to see through yourself. Self deprecation and humility are powerful tools. Don’t leave home without them.

If too much of your focus is outward it can’t help but impact on your inward view. Just because the mass of humanity is marching toward perdition does not mean you have to, nor does the mass create any kind of a measure for your own being. Simplicity is a killer app. It automatically engages as a continuing feature of an ‘uncluttered mind’, We’ve already discussed how you come into possession of one.

I am not here to tell you not to live in a city. I have no idea of the condition and direction of your personal Karma. There are countless tales of men in combat who moved completely unscathed through terrible circumstance, while everyone around them bought it. I will say that generally… generally, that is the location where the worst of what is coming will hit and you are remarkably dependent on the heat and other utilities; the trucks and trains that bring in the food and water. If you are resident in the pressure cooker of countless lives all compressed into a small space, the odds are… the odds are you had better be able to think on your feet.

It takes a very, very short period of time for formerly civilized, seemingly civilized people, to revert to ‘beast mode’. I submit that you will be stunned at the velocity at which this happens. For most people, the patina of civilization is very thin. It is a kind of Formica that is extremely heat sensitive. This laminated surface can burn off in no time and leave something truly terrifying. When it expresses itself in mob behavior well… good luck with that. I have been in several mob scenes and seen what happens. It ain’t pretty. You can forget reasoning with anyone. You have to go directly into toreador mode. There are things a person needs in times of great uncertainty and it is a certainty that you will experience the reality of whatever it is that you rely on so… make absolutely sure you trust whatever that is. You need both courage and restraint. These two have have a deep relationship with each other. Those who study the nature of desirable qualities, soon learn that there are all kinds of symbiotic relationships that exist between one quality and another. Raw courage is more of a liability than anything else if it isn’t tempered by other qualities.

My friends; Push and Shove are on the marquee and Howling Chaos is in the orchestra pit. Our job is and always has been to weave harmonics out of discord, to refine our Love to its most comprehensive and efficient expression and to understand that often enough, simple and sustained endurance is all you need. Before I go off on yet another tangent, let me go off altogether. Have a wonderful day!

End Transmission…….

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