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Not Letting a Good Tragedy Go to Waste, Banking Elite Use FTX Fraud, Crypto Crash to Push CBDCs

CBDCs mean the total death of any economic freedom the public has left… By Tyler Durden Source: The Free Thought Project Central bankers and international corporate financiers have long been pretending to hate the very concept of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin … Continue reading

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Globalists Reveal That The “Great Economic Reset” Is Coming In 2021

By Brandon Smith Source: Alt-Market.com For those not familiar with the phrase “global economic reset”, it is one that has been used ever increasingly by elitists in the central banking world for several years. I first heard it referenced by Christine … Continue reading

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Dancing with The Bride of Dracula at the Ebola Debutante’s Ball

By Les Visible Source: Reflections in a Petri Dish Dog Poet Transmitting……. May your noses always be cold and wet. What Really Happened has got a s-load of Ebola news up at the beginning of the articles list today, from … Continue reading

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