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Saturday Matinee: Taking Liberties

“Taking Liberties” (2007) is a British documentary directed by Chris Atkins. Using a mix of animation, news footage and interviews, it examines how Labour has overreacted to the terror threat, using it as an excuse to weaken civil liberteis including … Continue reading

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Time to Wake Up: the Neoliberal Order is Dying

By Jonathan Cook Source: CounterPunch In my recent essay, I argued that power in our societies resides in structure, ideology and narratives – supporting what we might loosely term our current “neoliberal order” – rather than in individuals. Significantly, our political … Continue reading

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Hastening the Downfall of the Neocons

By L’Ordre Source: Dissident Voice Neocons, whose name fits almost every mainstream politician and commentator, say America is destined to rule the world through violence, intimidation and the belief in its own moral superiority. Unfortunately, despite losing wars, their variant … Continue reading

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#Brexit confirms: the neoliberal center cannot hold

By Jerome Roos Source: ROAR Magazine The post-Brexit pandemonium has less to do with Britain’s relationship to Europe than it has with elites losing control over the monsters they have created. Britain finds itself in a general state of pandemonium. The … Continue reading

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Dallas Shootings: White Supremacists Succeeded in Provoking Black Extremism

(Editor’s note: Though at this time it’s still too early too tell whether the shooting was in fact an act of black extremism and/or a more complex situation intended to appear that way, the author’s central argument, that the social chaos … Continue reading

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The Slow, Inevitable Collapse of the Two-Party System

By Russell A. Whitehouse Source: Strategic Culture Foundation In this election year, it’s clear that a seismic political shift is rumbling through America.  Widespread discontent for the status quo is surfacing from both the left and right.  A year ago, … Continue reading

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