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Having Their Cake and Eating Ours Too

By Chris Lehmann Source: The Baffler What are billionaires for? It’s time we sussed out a plausible answer to this question, as their numbers ratchet upward across the globe, impervious to the economic setbacks suffered by mere mortals, and their … Continue reading

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Inside the Belly of the Beast

The Manifold Crises Threatening Higher Education By Vince Chernak and Henry A. Giroux Source: Counterpunch When Western University president Amit Chakma’s jaw-dropping income was posted recently on the Sunshine list, it put a spotlight on the inequities and conflicts that … Continue reading

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Grooming Students for A Lifetime of Surveillance

The same technologists who protest against the NSA’s metadata collection programs are the ones profiting the most from the widespread surveillance of students. By Jessy Irwin Source: Model View Culture Since 2011, billions of dollars of venture capital investment have … Continue reading

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Privatized Ebola

By Margaret Kimberly Source: Black Agenda Report “The world of private dollars played a role in consigning thousands of people to death.” Sierra Leone has waved the white flag in the face of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Its meager infrastructure … Continue reading

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American Apartheid Starts in Detroit

A recent op-ed from Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report, describes the situation in Detroit as the nexus of a new American apartheid in which inhabitants of largely Black urban centers are denied meaningful votes and ability to … Continue reading

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Schools are Becoming Privatized Prisons

A lot of interesting analysis has been coming out recently about the problematic education system, and it’s not just on obvious longstanding issues such as lack of funding and overcrowded classrooms. Peter Gray of Salon.com wrote in his article “School … Continue reading

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