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Poisoning Black Cities

They drowned New Orleans. Now they have poisoned Flint, Michigan. The corporate campaign to ethnically cleanse U.S. cities knows no bounds. Michigan’s emergency financial manager law is “part of Wall Street’s tool kit to starve, bulldoze, redline, over-price, oppressively police, and even … Continue reading

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People Over Politics: Michigan Militia Joins Michael Moore to Protest Flint Water Crisis

By Carey Wedler Source: Anti-Media The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has inspired an unlikely partnership: a local militia group is coordinating with outspoken liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to demand accountability and clean water for residents. Moore, a Flint native … Continue reading

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War on the Poor Continues With Planned Pension Cuts in Detroit and Illinois

Yesterday Federal bankruptcy court judge Steven Rhodes ruled that Detroit is insolvent and eligible for a Chapter 9 debt restructuring. This gives the city the go-ahead to cut retirement benefits as part of its restructuring plan, despite pensions being explicitly … Continue reading

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American Apartheid Starts in Detroit

A recent op-ed from Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report, describes the situation in Detroit as the nexus of a new American apartheid in which inhabitants of largely Black urban centers are denied meaningful votes and ability to … Continue reading

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