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Detroit Cronies Sucking Money out of City to build Red Wings’ Stadium

Source: Collapse.com and Reason Though I am usually not a fan of infographics/datagraphics, Reason just published the below graphic which details the horrible deal that the city of Detroit is getting by building this new arena. We see these kinds … Continue reading

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War on the Poor Continues With Planned Pension Cuts in Detroit and Illinois

Yesterday Federal bankruptcy court judge Steven Rhodes ruled that Detroit is insolvent and eligible for a Chapter 9 debt restructuring. This gives the city the go-ahead to cut retirement benefits as part of its restructuring plan, despite pensions being explicitly … Continue reading

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American Apartheid Starts in Detroit

A recent op-ed from Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report, describes the situation in Detroit as the nexus of a new American apartheid in which inhabitants of largely Black urban centers are denied meaningful votes and ability to … Continue reading

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