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Billionaires Want Poor Children’s Brains to Work Better

By Gerald Coles Source: CounterPunch Why are many poor children not learning and succeeding in school? For billionaire Bill Gates, who funded the start-up of the failed Common Core Curriculum Standards, and has been bankrolling the failing charter schools movement, and … Continue reading

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The Crisis in Education Is That the Super Wealthy Corporate Education System Wants to Destroy Public Schools

By Diane Ravitch Source: OpEdNews.com It has become conventional wisdom that “education is in crisis.” I have been asked about this question by many interviewers. They say something like: “Do you think American education is in crisis? What is the … Continue reading

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Having Their Cake and Eating Ours Too

By Chris Lehmann Source: The Baffler What are billionaires for? It’s time we sussed out a plausible answer to this question, as their numbers ratchet upward across the globe, impervious to the economic setbacks suffered by mere mortals, and their … Continue reading

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Schools are Becoming Privatized Prisons

A lot of interesting analysis has been coming out recently about the problematic education system, and it’s not just on obvious longstanding issues such as lack of funding and overcrowded classrooms. Peter Gray of Salon.com wrote in his article “School … Continue reading

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