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Remember To Use Your Forgettery To Forget All the Trivia Meant To Divert Your Attention from Important Matters

By Edward Curtin Source: OpEdNews.com What is the explanation for the brainwashing of so many Americans when it involves the nefarious, unspeakable deeds of their government? Why are so many so easily duped time and again? Why is there such … Continue reading

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Piketty, Meet Orwell: Why Modern Oligarchy MUST Turn Fascist

By Patrick Walker Source: OpEdNews.com If Frenchman Thomas Piketty, for all his brainiac academic wonkiness, has become a U.S. publishing sensation and economics rock star, it’s not merely due to his high-profile promoters. Granted, Piketty touters like Paul Krugman and … Continue reading

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The System: Deserving Contempt, Resistance and Undermining

By Rob Kall Source: OpEdNews.com Let’s face it, the system is pathologically broken, designed to hurt and exploit the middle class. it is contemptible. The courts are contemptible, the Judges are contemptible, the politicians– almost all of them– are contemptible, … Continue reading

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Podcast News Updates

There’s been another string of relevant news podcasts in the past few days so it’s time for another roundup post. Last week Rob Kall of OpEdnews.cominterviewed Peter Ludlow a professor of linguistics and philosophy, on topics including systemic evil, whistleblowers … Continue reading

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