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Conspiracy Theory

By Paul Craig Roberte Source: PaulCraigRoberts.org In the United States “conspiracy theory” is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control … Continue reading

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Syrian Passports Planted by Police At Scene of Paris Terror Attack Are Confirmed Fakes

By M. David Source: CounterCurrentNews.com In the aftermath of the French terrorist attacks last Friday, many people were shocked to hear claims from law enforcement that Syrian passports had been found near the bodies of two of the suspected Paris … Continue reading

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The Golden Era Of Knowledge Resistance Is Upon Us

By Bernie Suarez Source: Truth and Art TV With the recent Virginia shooting false flag incident now blown wide open it occurred to me recently that humanity is in the middle of an era of all-time highest abundance of knowledge … Continue reading

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