Syrian Passports Planted by Police At Scene of Paris Terror Attack Are Confirmed Fakes


By M. David


In the aftermath of the French terrorist attacks last Friday, many people were shocked to hear claims from law enforcement that Syrian passports had been found near the bodies of two of the suspected Paris attackers. The thought that terrorists could be blown up, and yet have their passports survive seemed implausible, at the very least.

Now we know that those passports were in fact complete fakes according to the Wall Street Journal.

Those fakes were almost certainly made in Turkey, according to what police sources told Channel 4 News on Sunday.

Middle East Eye reports that “Greek officials said on Saturday that one of the two passports was held by someone who had registered as a refugee on the Greek island of Leros on 3 October.”

They added that “Officials denied, though, that a second attacker had taken a similar route, telling the Guardian there was “no indication whatsoever” that the assailant had enteredEurope through Greece.”

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies across Europe have continued their investigation into the seven attackers, trying to figure out how they coordinated the series of attacks without supposedly attracting any attention from the intelligence community.

French and German Intelligence Services, however, did in fact know that the Paris attack was coming, over a month ago and yet they still apparently did nothing.

Police named one of the attackers as Omar Ismail Mostefai, a 29-year-old French citizen who was born and raised in Paris. In spite of claims by police that some of the attackers were there on Syrian passports, that was not the case.

Who put the fake Syrian passport at the scene of the crime?

Middle East Eye notes that “fake Syrian passports have become a valuable commodity in recent months and are freely traded on the black market, as they can help ease the path for non-Syrians to get protection as refugees in Europe.”

They add that “a Dutch journalist reported in September that he had bought a fake Syrian passport and ID card, both bearing the picture of the Dutch prime minister, for $825.”

But there would have been no need for French citizens to utilize such fake passports.

What does that tell us? The logical answer is that the passports were planted.

But who would plant them? Clearly, it would be foolish to imagine that one of the victims or bystanders just happened to have a fake Syrian passport, and they decided to plant it at the scene of the attacks.

Not only does it not make any sense that the passports would have survived explosions, but it makes even less sense that the passports would have been on the attackers at the time of the attacks.

Finally, it makes the least sense that French citizens would have fake Syrian passports, and would bring them to the attacks, only for police investigators to conveniently “find” them at the scene of the crime.

This really only leaves us with one logical possibility: that the fake Syrian passports were planted by law enforcement. The motivation is obvious: to bolster the government’s position that a military invasion of Syria is both necessary and a direct response to attacks from Syrian nationals.

France has moved to attack Syria in spite of the fact that these passports have now been confirmed fakes, with no logical connection to the terrorists they were found by. If law enforcement didn’t plant them near the bodies, then who did?


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5 Responses to Syrian Passports Planted by Police At Scene of Paris Terror Attack Are Confirmed Fakes

  1. Why am I not surprised? It is so illogical in the first place that in order to make sure they were identified, they carried passports then blew themselves up (when they could have left them in the car for example)…and apparently left a car to link them with Belgium…and with some guns to link them with…someone hoping to caught in the middle of a terrorist attack? I really hate the fact I sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist these days. But I think perhaps someone wants an excuse to put us under martial law before…what?

    (Dammit all, I think I prefer the zombie apocalypse outcome best…the fictional conspiracy theories don’t leave me wondering…what is this all for if it’s not for stockpiling canned goods and getting your brain sucked out?)

    • Like with 9/11 and similar events, it’s also convenient how “terrorists” manage to lose passports just prior to attacks so such evidence can quickly be found by authorities undamaged. Even as one who is open to alternative theories I think such patterns are getting a bit repetitive. But for that we should blame the perpetrators, not those attempting to piece together what actually happened.
      As for the rationale behind such strategies of tension? It might not be a zombie apocalypse but perhaps a need to accelerate and expand control for an imminent dystopian disaster of some sort (ie. natural, chemical, biological, nuclear, social, economic, resource scarcity, etc).

      • Agreed. These events are tragic but I question who is behind it (or behind allowing it to unfold)…but I actually wouldn’t put it past governments en masse to want to have everyone under martial law for their “protection” before the economy collapses. That’s my paranoid theory anyway! 🙂 xx

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