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Why America’s “Revolution” Won’t be Televised. No one is Aiming at the Empire

By Pepe Escobar Source: Global Research The Revolution Won’t Be Televised because this is not a revolution. At least not yet.  Burning and/or looting Target or Macy’s is a minor diversion. No one is aiming at the Pentagon (or even the shops … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Society of the Spectacle

By Kenn Orphan Source: CounterPunch “The reigning economic system is a vicious circle of isolation. Its technologies are based on isolation, and they contribute to that same isolation. From automobiles to television, the goods that the spectacular system chooses to … Continue reading

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The Last Gasp of American Democracy

Chris Hedges’ regular columns for Truthdig.com are consistently informative and provocative, but his latest piece offers a particularly critical analysis of the current political moment in the United States. In the following excerpt he ruminates on a number of recent … Continue reading

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