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The world wide cage

Technology promised to set us free. Instead it has trained us to withdraw from the world into distraction and dependency By Nicholas Carr Source: Aeon It was a scene out of an Ambien nightmare: a jackal with the face of … Continue reading

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David Cronenberg’s Videodrome Was a Technology Prophecy

Editor’s note: Since today marks director David Cronenberg’s 73rd birthday, it’s a good time to appreciate one of his greatest and most notorious works. Though my favorite of his remains the distinctly PKD-like eXistenZ, a close runner up is the … Continue reading

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Counterculture: The Rebel Commodity

By James Curcio Source: Rebel News Let’s talk about being a rebel. Everyone seems to want to be one. But it’s not entirely clear what it means. Does it take camo- pants? A Che T-shirt? A guitar? Is it just … Continue reading

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