Saturday Matinee: Ro.Go.Pa.G.

Notes by Filmogs

4 short films by a quartet of directors.
1) Rosselini’s Illibatezza deals with an attractive air hostess who receives the unwelcome attentions of a middle aged American.
2) Godard’s Il Nuovo Mondo illustrates a post-apocalyptic world the same as the pre-apocalyptic one, but for an enigmatic change in attitude in most people, including the central character’s girlfriend.
3) Pasolini’s La Ricotta, a lavish film about the life of Jesus Christ is being made in a poor area. The people subject themselves to various indignities in the name of moviemaking (and to get some food). The central character’s hoisted up on a cross for filming, and dies there.
4) Gregoretti’s Il Pollo Ruspante in which a materialist family inadvertently shows the cynical, metallic-voiced doctrine of a top sales theorist.

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