Monsanto’s Quest For Global Domination Continues


Earlier this month Monsanto announced their acquisition of big data weather prediction and insurance company The Climate Corporation. According to this article from RT, Monsanto’s chairman and CEO Hugh Grant said that “the Climate Corporation is focused on unlocking new value for the farm through data science… everyone benefits when farmers are able to produce more with fewer resources.”

Whenever a company like Monsanto makes such a big move, it’s always good to pay attention and connect the dots. The Climate Corporation is described in greater detail in this post from The Verge:

Founded by a pair of former Google employees in 2006, The Climate Corporation began life under the moniker of WeatherBill Inc. Siraj Khaliq and David Friedberg put together a complex system for highly detailed weather monitoring, prediction, and analysis, which allowed them to offer a new type of insurance to farmers. Instead of protecting growers against loss, WeatherBill promised to recompense their anticipated profit in the event of a given weather calamity. Thus, if you sign up for the company’s drought protection plan and your fields don’t receive the stipulated amount of rain, you still get the full anticipated profit of a healthy year’s crop.

Sounds like a guaranteed money maker for a company that can accurately predict weather patterns. But what if you can actually control the weather? Geoengineering Watch reported last year that The Gates Foundation is a major source of funding for a plan to release untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere. The stated purpose is to reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere, and thus cool the planet to reverse the effects of global warming. But many environmental groups think the idea could have unforeseen harmful consequences and may result in permanent damage to global ecosystems.

A report released by Seattle based Community Alliance for Global Justice released the following information in this report connecting The Gates Foundation and Monsanto:

o Rob Horsch

§ BMGF Senior Program Officer, Agricultural Development Program, since 2006

§ MONSANTO 25 years with Monsanto. Last position held: Vice President of International Development Partnerships

o Florence Wambugu

§ BMGF Science board member of Grand Challenge in Global Health

§ MONSANTO Post-doctoral fellow (1991-94), Monsanto Company Outstanding Performance Award (1992, 1993)

§ BMGF GRANTEE Director and Chief Executive Officer of Gates grantee Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International. Africa Harvest is heavily funded by Monsanto

o Don Doering

§ BMGF Program Officer, Agricultural Development Program

§ MONSANTO Serves on the advisory boards of the Biotechnology Advisory Council of Monsanto

o Sam Dryden

§ BMGF Director of the Agricultural Development Program

§ MONSANTO He had a brief stint with Monsanto in 2005 when Monsanto bought Emergent Genetics, of which Dryden was Chief Executive. He stayed on for six months after the acquisition, technically working for Monsanto

o Lawrence Kent

§ BMGF Staff, working on BioCassava Plus project

§ MONSANTO Director of international programs at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, founded and funded by Monsanto

It has also been widely reported by The Guardian and others that The Gates Foundation owns at least 500,000 Monsanto shares valued at around $23m.

Geoengineering Watch reported a few years ago that according to former geoengineer and whistleblower David Keith, a stratospheric geoengineering program called AEROSOL is now considering using aluminum, over 10 megatons per year, instead of sulfur. Could it be a coincidence that, as reported by Farm Wars and others, Monsanto owns and is connected to groups that own patents to seeds resistant to aluminum and other effects of geoengineering?

As an indicator of rising global concern over Monsanto, protesters across the globe marched and demonstrated against the corporation last Saturday. It was the second global March against Monsanto, the first having took place last May with over 2 million participants worldwide.

A message from Dr. Vandana Shiva released to coincide with the march:


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