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The Color Counterrevolution Cometh

By Dmitry Orlov Source: Club Orlov Had Sun Tsu co-authored a treatise on the art of sports with Capt. Obvious, a quote from that seminal work would probably read as follows: If your team keeps playing an offensive game and … Continue reading

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The Beginning is Here

By Zen Gardner Source: Waking Times Waking up to the realities presented before us and even more importantly what they imply is a very profound and personal experience. Once we become aware we are living in a world that’s been … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Some Anti-Science Fiction

Source: The Hipcrime Vocab It’s Time for Some Anti-Science Fiction Why must positive depictions of the future always be dependent upon some sort of new technology? Neal Stephenson is a very successful and well-known science fiction writer. He’s also very … Continue reading

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