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Time and the Technological World

Source: The Hipcrime Vocab Check out this fascinating summary of  How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World. This particular summary looks at the part of the book that documents how our perception of time has … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Some Anti-Science Fiction

Source: The Hipcrime Vocab It’s Time for Some Anti-Science Fiction Why must positive depictions of the future always be dependent upon some sort of new technology? Neal Stephenson is a very successful and well-known science fiction writer. He’s also very … Continue reading

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The Six-Hour Day

Source: The Hipcrime Vocab But don’t look for it in Calvinist America anytime soon, where we’re always on the hunt to ferret out “moochers:” Gothenburg (Sweden) (AFP) – Robert Nilsson, a 25-year-old mechanic in Sweden’s second city Gothenburg, may be … Continue reading

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Inequality Has Been Eliminated

By Chad Hill Source: the Hipcrime Vocab Have you heard? Inequality has been eliminated. What? You didn’t know that? Well, certain “professional” economists have proved it is true. You may wonder, when you drive around your town, why formerly occupied … Continue reading

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