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Biden’s and America’s Mental Illness is on Full Display

By Dave Lindorff Source: CounterPunch It was just three weeks ago that our new “transformative” President Joe Biden joined that long almost unbroken list of war criminal presidents stretching back to George Washington. Biden joined this disgraceful list by ordering … Continue reading

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The Q-Word: Weapon of Choice for Smearing Opponents

By Trevor Scott FitzGibbon Source: Consortium News One of the most effective information-operation weapons during the 2016 presidential election was to smear political targets as “Russian bots” working on behalf of the Kremlin. Journalists were de-platformed, presidential candidates were smeared, and lives were … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Damning Emails

By Ray McGovern Source: Consortium News A few weeks after leaving office, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have breathed a sigh of relief and reassurance when Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denied reports of the National Security … Continue reading

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