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Censoring Alex Jones

By Dmitry Orlov Source: Club Orlov Something happened recently that made me feel like a bit of an endangered species. A set of transnational internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple and several others, all synchronously removed content belonging to infowars.com, which … Continue reading

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A Universal Basic Income Is The Bipartisan Solution To Poverty We’ve Been Waiting For

  What if the government simply paid everyone enough so that no one was poor? It’s an insane idea that’s gaining an unlikely alliance of supporters. By Ben Schiller Source: FastCoexist.com There’s a simple way to end poverty: the government … Continue reading

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The Calling: How Cronyism Worsens Income Inequality (and Freed Markets Reduce It)

By Steven Horwitz Source: Future of Freedom Foundation I recently gave an introductory Public Choice talk sponsored by Students for Liberty at the University of Ottawa. The next speaker was my friend Anne Rathbone Bradley, who was Skyping in from … Continue reading

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